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Carl after (3)

So this is what a fully loaded P85+ looks like! I haven’t seen the red brakes option on the Model S yet, but I must say that it really sets the car apart from the rest. Carl’s new MS is just under a week old, which meant it was probably the best time to get the car coated. While it doesn’t really matter when the car gets coated, it definitely makes sense to get it done sooner than later; at the time when defects are few. Aside from the usual small hand-polished areas from the factory, the car was in immaculate condition. Few pictures were taken as the rain was coming and going the entire time. After pictures were taking post-primer, before coating.

Bob after (8)

Last one before the rain! Almost got to work on every color of the Model S this spring break. Bob’s Grey MS brings my short-break to a close. I’ll be taking the next 2 months off as I finish up my civ. engr degree (well, maybe one more this coming weekend). Bob recently drove back up from SoCal, as evident from all the bug guts on the front end. Even after allowing Tarminator to dwell for minutes before washing, much of it was still baked on. I proceeded with some old fashion clay to remove the remainder of the guts, and followed that with the usual new car prep. His car is all ready for the storm that is due to hit in the next few hours!

Shibu after (12)

After having done over 25 model S’s, I finally get a green one! I was skeptical of how I felt about the color when seeing pictures of it, but it looks really good in person. Depending on the angle you look at it, it can look black, brown, or even grey.. talk about a bargain! Aside from a much needed wash, Shibu’s Model S was in very good condition – it is only about a month old after all. A quick polish and prep using optimum primer and the paint was poppin’ again. A generous layer of Opticoat Pro was then applied to provide his car with the long-lasting protection it deserves.

Doug after primer (7)

It’s always a pleasure to work with people with flexible schedules. Next up is Doug’s new Model S that came for the Opticoat Pro new car prep. The car was overall in great shape, except for the front left fender, that needed some more work. I’m not sure what happened there, but there were some deep scratches, and some black marks – a little Shine Supply Classic Cut and a MF cutting pad and it fixed that right up, though! For those curious why I’m on a roll with cars these few days: I’m taking a lot of time off from detailing as I’m in my final semester. After spring break (now), I’ll don’t plan on detailing much, if at all, until after graduation. Thank you everyone for the continued support, and putting me through college!

Russ after (1)

I’m still unsure of which color is my favorite color Model S. When a white one comes, it’s white, when a red comes it’s red, and when a blue comes it’s blue. In today is Russ’s week old MS85, which came in very clean already. The car was decon’d, polished with hyper polish to bring some more depth out in the paint, prepped with opticoat primer, and topped with Opticoat Pro. I’ll be seeing this MS again in a few weeks after it gets wrapped with paint protection film!