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Matt After (3)

No before pictures on this one … the ole’ man above decided to take a dump all over the Bay Area for 3 hours, leaving not only my just-washed car soaked outside, but knocked out the power in the neighborhood as well. Luckily, power was restored by the time I finished the ONR wash and decon. A primer polish ensued the rest of the day, and was coated the following day prior to pick up. Thanks for traveling nearly 3+ hours round trip!

Jon after (6)

It’s surprising that it took nearly 50 Model S’s to swing by here before one came with a solid black painted roof (that’s not on a black car). If and when I get a Model S, I’d likely opt out of the panoramic sun roof as well since I never use the one I have now. Jon’s Model S is a only little over a month old, but it look’d much more aged upon arrival. I’d usually want to stop and inspect the car prior to taking it, but I’ve had Jon scheduled for months in advance, before he even took delivery. I knew that it couldn’t be that bad if it’s only been one month. After a thorough wash, decon, and polish, the paint was restored to its original condition (if not better), before coated with Optimum’s finest, Opti-coat Pro.

Eugene after (10)

It’s always a pleasure to work with owners who are willing to leave their car with you for multiple days. In the end, this allows the Opticoat to cure for some time to be resistant to chemicals by the time they pick the car up. Though the car will still need 3-4 weeks to fully dehydrate, at least it’s safe to say that it’ll be protected from the environment in the meantime. In these past few days was Eugene’s newly purchased Model S, straight from the factory with 13 miles on it. There were still some minor scratches on there that were easily removed, but one RID remain on the hood (not noticable unless I tell you where it is). Opticoat Pro was applied to provide their new car with years of protection.

Cau after (9)

Ya’learn something new everyday! Turns out TESLA brought back their signature grey color and ditched the dolphin grey. Smart move in my opinion, as it looks looks much better! Aside from a few smudges and a handful of RIDS, Cau’s Model S wqas in quite good shape for the 400 miles its been through.

Raghu before (7)

This is about as new as it gets. Raghu’s 15-mile old Model S came straight from the TESLA factory down the street today. It’s nice to see that the new MS’s actually have something in the middle arm rest area. It felt rather empty inside the 2012-2013’s in that area. Opticoat Pro was applied on exterior painted surfaces and lights to ensure that the car will remain as good as it looks from 15 miles to 150,000 + miles!