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September 3rd, 2014

2015 Scion FRS (Asphalt)

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Kevin after (6)

Always great to work with flexible people – I was suppose to knock this one out mid last week, but ended up catching some kind of flu. I ended up squeezing him right in for a few hours at the end of my labor day, and a few hours into the next night. A new car prep with Opticoat Pro was on the menu ; a decon, light polish followed by primer polish to prep for OCP for a proper bond. Didn’t take very many pictures as the entire process took place inside the garage both nights.

George after (3)

After months of dialogue between myself and the Mr. George, the day to get his new CRZ coated finally came. George is the type to keep his cars for a very long time, and wanted a coating that will last him the life of his car. Opticoat Pro was the no-brainer answer to that one! Being so, protection was of the greatest concern, and despite having a few hiccups here and there – what looks like baked on adhesive left over from the factory protection (that of it lifted the paint up upon removal), the car was in rather good shape. George recently started using a rinseless wash system as well as the two bucket method, and I am confident that he will love the amount of time that he will save now that there is Opticoat on there.

Jeff after (10)

In the past few days is Jeff’s 8000-mile-2012-CLS550. It should be a given that this car is almost never driven, and babied to the fullest. Our schedules worked out such that Jeff would be traveling the entire week, and so he left the car for me to work on a few hours a day. I managed to knock out the car in 4 days, about 2.5-3 hours each day. Overall, the car was in great shape; there were some light swirling and water spots as expected. I proceeded with a primer polish to prep for Opticoat Pro, getting the car to that 80-90% range. It definitely got the red popping again!

Jon after (5)

This year’s E350 has been one that I’ve been wanting for the past few years – though I’d probably get it in black. Jon’s E350 had a much needed decon as the paint was very rough, with much tar build up near the tire areas. I’ve been eluding to the rinseless wash system over the past few months, but had to bring back to ole’ bucket method on Jon’s car since it was quite dirty. I also got the try out CarPro’s new “Flash Pad” today, which really speeds up the cutting process. The downside of the pad is that it does sling a bit of polish since the pad is so rigid. However, in most jobs involving a compound typically resorts to a lot of dusting, so some extra clean up work was to be expected anyways. Optimum primer was used as a follow up finishing polish and to prep for Opticoat Pro.

Galen after (8)

It’s always fun talking other engineers since we’re geeky enough to get technical with products, haha. In today is Galen’s new grey Model S. We held off on Opticoat for about a month so that he could get the front end wrapped in PPF first. Opticoat Pro should prolong the life of the PPF, as well as protecting the rest of the paint for many years to come.