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Tameem after (4)

It’s been months since I last used a hose to wash a car … but some times the cars got to get done the ol’ fashion way. Tameem’s been trying to get ahold of me for a while now, and traveled all the way down from Sacramento to get his car coated with none other than Opticoat Pro. The car had a much needed decon, and a good run through with hyper polish got the car gleaming like the day he got it.

Faisal after (19)

No outdoor sun-pics of this beauty! Faisal was nice enough to leave the car with me for a few days while he was on the trip, allowing me to do the work a few hours a day. I’ve said this once before and I’ll say it again: if I ever get a black car, it’ll probably be sapphire black metallic. The color is absolutely amazing, and a great choice from Faisal. His previous car was coated with Opticoat 2.0, the consumer version of Opticoat Pro. I’ll have to check in with him a few months down the road to see what he thinks!

November 9th, 2014

2015 Audi S4 (Sepang Blue)

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Eric after (17)

No matter how new or old a car is, there is always that minimum amount of prep needed prior to coating a car. Much like painting… you can’t just go all in without first prepping the surface. In today was Eric’s few-week old S4 in Sepang Blue. It’s always nice to be blessed with the opportunity to be the one to first wash the car! Aside from being quite dirty from the rain last week, the paint was in great shape. Eric was scheduled with me months in advance prior to delivery, which seems to be becoming more and more prevalent as Opticoat Pro is getting more main stream attention. There’s no other reason other than .. because it works! He also hauled his new VMR wheels over to get coated fresh out the box as well. Enjoy.

Tue after (13)

For a 10 month old car that’s hit a deer before, this car wasn’t as bad of shape as I thought it’d be. Aside from the passenger side upper hood corner which appeared to have some deep sanding marks (greatly improved), the usual 1-2 combo was sufficient in bringing the car back up to it’s tip top shape. Tue was referred in by his brother, of whom’s Model S I coated about a month ago. I can’t thank this guy enough, since he’s bringing his wife’s new MS in the next few weeks as well! Thanks again!

Janina after (2)

Orange-tober just got carried over to Mo-vember! In today is Janina’s few-month old Prius C in spicy habanero orange. She is the type to keep her cars for a a very long time, and was looking for a proven protectant that’ll last her many many years to come. Opticoat Pro was the the no-brainer choice, and will surely be a winner in the long run.