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Ritesh after (6)

Happy July 4th! Ritesh’s Model S is one of the last details I’ll be doing on a weekday for a while as I’m starting my new job on Monday. The car came in quite dirty with some swirling going on and bird poop baked on. The bird droppings had already etched through the paint, leaving an outline of where it trailed. The car was originally quoted for a new car prep back in March; inclusive of a primer polish prior to coating – but I ended up doing a little extra work, particularly on the hood in order to get it to a level I was satisfied with. Enjoy!

Rin after (5)

I was a little jet lagged from the flight back from the flight back from New York last night, but I suppose it worked out since the car was already here last night. I started on the car bright as early as I couldn’t sleep any longer. Rin’s Accord lives in the outdoors all day, and was mainly interested in protecting the car for the long run. The Orchid White really shined after a one step polish!

John after (12)

*Attn* Those who try to touch with me this week may get a delayed response.

In today is John’s not-even-a week old green Model S. John’s parking spot just so happens to be well-positioned under a protected tree (Yay CEQA) that is notorious for bird droppings. If you like to bird watch, that’d be a great place to park. For John’s Model S, it’s probably the worst place for the car to be. We went with Opticoat Pro to try to prevent/minimize the damages expected from his aviary security guards

Jerry after (5)

Jerry contacted me a while back while I was still in school; Three months later, I’m finally able to get his car in for the new car prep with Opticoat Pro. Aside from being quite dirty as he washes the car ~once a month, the paint was in very good shape. He uses a place on the peninsula that uses the Ecowash waterless wash system. While I haven’t completely converted to a rinseless system, the waterless system seems quite promising after seeing Jerry’s car. The paint was rough, nothing some autoscrub’ing couldn’t handle. The paint was then prepped with a primer polish and followed with Opticoat Pro on all exterior painted surfaces including the wheel faces via air brush.

Tony after (1)

In today is Tony’s new 335i, straight from Europe (kind of). With under 2000 miles on the car, the car was in near pristine shape. A quick decon and primer polish, and the car was ready to be coated with Opticoat Pro for maximum protection. The color combination he chose is quite the eye-catcher. The CSL (?) trunk lip adds a nice aggressive touch as well!