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Viet after (20)

The Lexus Atomic Silver reminds me of the Mercedes Palladium silver – one of my favorite “silver” colors (I’m not a fan of standard silver colors). It almost has a slight resemblence of matte grey. In today is Viet’s new IS350, who contacted me about a year ago for an install on his Accord, but went with Joe instead. I’m really diggin’ the direction that Lexus is taking their designs which caters more towards the younger generation. The body lines are becoming more aggressive, and the interior is getting some tech upgrades as well. Enjoy!

Dave after (29)

Little picture heavy on this one: (1) Because I get all excited when I work on something new (2) There was actually a lot of defects for a car coming straight from the factory.

Upon drop off and doing a quick walk around, the defects didn’t seem too serious, but when I got to polishing, there were some notable damages from factory; Sand marks and buffer trails. I had brought this to Dave’s attention, who gave me the go-ahead to improve the look as much as I could safely, and proceed with the coating. The 4C is truly a driver’s car, in that it does not come with power steering, has all the power you need, and your butt is literally about a foot off the ground. This car will see some track time, and Opticoat Pro will pay its dues in providing the long-lasting protection, and providing the ease of maintenance.

Steve after (8)

More and more often now I hear about the BMW owners taking deliveries in Europe, and making a trip out of it. It’s actually a really good deal as you can customize your car however which way you like, and have a car to roam around in while you’re out there.

The car only had about a thousand miles on it, and has only gone through one wash (dealer prep). The particularly fragile gloss black trims had some especially noticeable defects already induced. Otherwise, the car was in great shape and the primer polish really brought out the white.

Will after (7)

You know that stage in life called self-actualization? I really think that the P85D really speeds up the process of reaching that stage in life. Today, I realized why P85D owners always have a huge smile on their face. William was nice enough to take me around on “insane” mode (It’s a real switch)… I’ve always been a believer, and wanted a Model S one day as well, but that ride was all it took to give me the self-realization of actually NEEDING one in my life. I may not quite have yet reached the self-actualization stage, but close enough. I want one.

OH. The car. I like how this website is sort of my blog, and also does a double duty of acting as advertisement too. Will sent me an email saying “I want what that P85D got”, or something along those lines, and so that’s what he got. Talk about a successful marketing! I don’t even have to sell it, they already know what they want! Oh what was I on? Oh the car. Aside from some overspray from who knows where, the paint was in great shape and needed nothing more than a primer polish to bring out the gloss prior to coating.

Simone after (14)

In today was Simone’s green CL550 which had some much needed TLC. The 7-years of ownership showed, and the goal of today’s detail was to bring the car back to a presentable shape before Opticoating it. I suggested that a single step polish be enough to truly deepen the gloss and shine, bringing some life back to the paint. As suspected, the paint felt rough, paint looked dull, but is looking much better now after a good polish. A generous layer of Opticoat Pro was added to provide the car with many many more years of protection.