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Richard after (21)

In today is another one of Volkswagen’s flagship models, the GTI. Always a pleasure to work on these little things as the body lines are fluid and easy to polish. Rich’s GTI is now protected for many many many years to come!

Geoff after (11)

It’s always great to work with people who has extensive knowledge of car care. I’m sure Geoff was more than capable of applying a coating himself, but he still brought it to me! Despite being right in the middle of a storm, the weather somehow cooperated and was dry upon drop off and pick up. Now shes’ all ready for the second wave of rain that should hit tomorrow!

Craig after (3)

After nearly a year of back and forth emails, we were finally able to get Craig’s Model S in for a good layer of Opticoat Pro. The car had been in an accident before and gotten a respray along the driver side. The paint felt a little rough, but nothing a decon couldn’t take care of. A single step polish was enough to get the car to 80%+ shape and prepped for coating.

Viet after (20)

The Lexus Atomic Silver reminds me of the Mercedes Palladium silver – one of my favorite “silver” colors (I’m not a fan of standard silver colors). It almost has a slight resemblence of matte grey. In today is Viet’s new IS350, who contacted me about a year ago for an install on his Accord, but went with Joe instead. I’m really diggin’ the direction that Lexus is taking their designs which caters more towards the younger generation. The body lines are becoming more aggressive, and the interior is getting some tech upgrades as well. Enjoy!

Dave after (29)

Little picture heavy on this one: (1) Because I get all excited when I work on something new (2) There was actually a lot of defects for a car coming straight from the factory.

Upon drop off and doing a quick walk around, the defects didn’t seem too serious, but when I got to polishing, there were some notable damages from factory; Sand marks and buffer trails. I had brought this to Dave’s attention, who gave me the go-ahead to improve the look as much as I could safely, and proceed with the coating. The 4C is truly a driver’s car, in that it does not come with power steering, has all the power you need, and your butt is literally about a foot off the ground. This car will see some track time, and Opticoat Pro will pay its dues in providing the long-lasting protection, and providing the ease of maintenance.