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It’s always a good sign when employees who work for a company buy into their products. In today is Brian’s Tesla Model S. This thing obviously gets driven quite a bit as it required a much needed decon (Check out the iron removed – pic with the purple stuff). One day… car companies will see their protection packages are behind on times. Maybe Tesla will be the first car company to adapt to coatings?


Optimum Opti-coat Pro  application is the strongest protection available for a vehicle’s clear coat. Unlike waxes and sealants, Opti-Coat Pro…


Pardon the delayed posts… still getting settled in to the new place. Haven’t even got the desktop set up yet, and so all of these posts have been happening on the laptop. In this rainy day is Alex’s new, loaded and leased Crystal Black (which to be frank, is a very nice looking black with a hint of blue). For those who do not need the 5yr warranty of Opticoat Pro or 7yr warranty of Opticoat Pro+, there is Optimum Glosscoat, which is a very good entry level coating that lasts a solid two years.

February 21st, 2016

2014 Infiniti Q50 (Hagane Blue)

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In today is Dustin’s CPO Hagane Blue. Aside from a few rids here and there, the car was actually in very good shape for a CPO. The B pillars needed some work, but then again even the new GLA that I worked on yesterday needed work on the B pillars; sort of inevitable unless you wrap it in clear bra. Looking’ real good wearing Opticoat Pro+!


Mercedes’ Arctic White has always been one of my favorite whites; simply pure, crisp, and clean. What makes it look even better though? Some Opticoat Pro!