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October 28th, 2017

2017 Tesla Model S (White)

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From an oldie Nissan Altima to a brand new Tesla Model S! Talk about a dream. I want one.

In today is Rex’s new Model S — this ride gets parked outdoors all the time, so we opted for the longest term, and nearly permanent, protection — Opticoat Pro+. There were already a few scratches and dings on the car, but the goal today was to protect the car for the life of the car, since Rex keeps his cars for a very long time.

This is by far one of the largest painted canvases that I’ve ever worked on. I’d usually say no to a project this big — but how could I, when Brandon referred over 5 people to me, before even ever meeting me. In today is his new pacifica, the mobile that will take his fairly new twins around for many many years. The dealership didn’t provide the best prep on this brand new car, and the car even came with it’s on fair share of scratches already. While there were a handful of scratches that remained (though very feint), we went with a two step polish to get the car looking refined, prior to topping off with Opticoat Pro+ on all painted surfaces. Thanks for everything Brandon!

Thanks for referring your sister, Brandon! In today is Mel’s new GTI, which we prepped and treated with Opticoat Pro+, as well as Optiglass Pro on all windows. Gotta love the look of a freshly polished black car!!

As much as I would love to have a black car, realistically I can never own one since I’d literally go insane trying to maintain it. I don’t know how some of you guys’ do it! In today is Paul’s new Model S, looking really good with that Opticoat Pro! Paul’s no amateur to owning a black car, and having Opticoat Pro applied to his newly delivered Opticoat Pro should surely make the maintenance of this ride easier in the long haul.

September 23rd, 2017

2016 Audi S7 (Black)

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I think I said this last week, but it deserves to be said again: these new facelifted Audi’s look SICK! They really stepped up their game on the interior as well. In today is Simon’s wife’s S7, which got the almost-full treatment. We achieved about a 85-90% correction (with just a few RIDS remaining) with a two step polish – and topped with none other than Opticoat Pro+

September 9th, 2017

2018 Audi SQ5 (Grey)

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Really really really really loving the way the new Audi’s look. Sleek, aggressive, and still elegant enough to be a bad-ass soccer dad car. In today is Doug’s new daddy mobile. This car will be living in the outdoors, and so we went with what we know is tried and true ; Opticoat Pro+ on the exterior. Thanks again!

Alfa Romeo is making a come back in the car industry like Hyundai/Kia did! While I’m still not too fond of the whole triangular grills of the Alfa line, it kind of works for the new Stelvio. For a daddy mobile, this car packs some pretty well-balanced specs. This is the first Alfa Romeo Stelvio in the California, and it is safe to assume that it is also the first Alfa Romeo Stelvio in California to be protected with Opticoat Pro!

Sometimes protection isn’t everything. In today is Bryan’s new (used) E350, which has seen some better days. The goal of today was to enhance the look of the paint, and ridding as many swirls as possible in two steps of polish. The goal was to achieve about 75-85% correction, which I think we got pretty close to. We certainly could’ve spent a full day worth of extra polishing on the car, but since Bryan only plans to keep the car for another few years, getting the car presentable again was our main concern. Quite an improvement for ~7hrs of work!

Daniel is back for some more Opti! After doing his M3 a few months ago, his new baby was born, and so it called for a new baby-mobile. In today is their new Highlander family car. Loving the lines of the new Toyota line!

Word of mouth has always been the only form advertisement. In today is Bradon’s new daily GTI, which got the royal CS2 Titanium treatment. The amount of gloss on this thing is INSANE!