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It’s always nice to see girls driving manual transmissions, let alone one who cares for her car! Kait’s ~year old BRZ had a few scratches here or there, and some holograms from the new-car delivery detail, but otherwise a good candidate for the Opticoat Pro treatment. In the interest of the vehicle’s well-being, I decided to top the OCP with glosscoat for even superior shine and protection. Thanks K!

Nancy’s forester was one that I worked on a little over half a year ago. Last month, she was lucky enough to pick a parking spot right under a grease line that decided to explode all over her car. Out of necessity, she brought the car to the nearest detail shop who insisted on claying the car… what good a clay does for removing grease beats me. The car ended up getting marr’d up from the clay. We went with a mild combo on this one to remove the marring from the Opticoat Pro’d car, and then topped it with Glosscoat.

Sudakaran’s Model S is a little over half a year old, and while not in terrible shape, it had a much needed polish prior to coating. The single step hyper polish was able to achieve a ~80-90% correction, achieving a high gloss finish that looks better than 99% of the cars on the road already. Thanks for the referral Subu!

…really diggin’ the new grey more than the predecessors. In today is Mike’s week old Model S that already racked up 700 miles. Aside from a little bit of marring from some wandering hands here and there, the paint was virtually flawless. Now with Opticoat Pro, the brilliant shine should stay that way for many years to come.

Is it me or does it seem like most of the Model S colors changed a bit (brighter)? In today is Anna’s new Multicoat red Model S, which is only a few weeks old. It got a the royal treatment with Opticoat Pro+!

Friends and family have always been super supportive of my endeavors. Alison picked up her new RX450h a little over a month ago, and while it came in quite dirty from not being washed since delivery, the paint was in great condition. Paint was primer polished, Opticoat Pro’d, and topped with Glosscoat.

Gotta love those who plan ahead and schedule their vehicles to be dropped off soon after delivery. In today is Brett’s day old Model S in grey with pano roof.. no before pictures as the car was pretty dang fresh, ’twas overcast out in the morning, and defects were few. Regardless, a primer polish is done to remove any minor imperfections and to really bring out the gloss prior to coating. Thanks for the referral Will!

It’s always a blast to work on new cars that you haven’t gotten to work on before. Frank’s new Macan Turbo sounds as beastly as it looks, and now that look will be preserved for many more years to come. I absolutely love love love the interior!

Black looks best when done right! This model year E series was one of my dream cars (within reason) in the recent years (Does the logo look familiar? hehe) Ranjeet scored one heck of a deal on this car, having only 4k miles on the odometer when he bought it. Since then, he’s logged a little over 10k miles on it, and also waited nearly two months before I was able to fit him into my schedule for a proper pampering. He’ll be one of the wettest looking E350’s on the streets for many years to come! Coated with Opticoat Pro, and topped with Glosscoat for added slickness and glossiness!

It’s always nice to have the opportunity to work on cars straight from the factory, as defects are typically most minimal at that time. In today is Anil’s new toy, the grey P85D Model S. The overall condition was near perfect, aside from a small little spot above the rear emblem – not sure what happened there.