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Gotta love those who plan ahead and schedule their vehicles to be dropped off soon after delivery. In today is Brett’s day old Model S in grey with pano roof.. no before pictures as the car was pretty dang fresh, ’twas overcast out in the morning, and defects were few. Regardless, a primer polish is done to remove any minor imperfections and to really bring out the gloss prior to coating. Thanks for the referral Will!

It’s always a blast to work on new cars that you haven’t gotten to work on before. Frank’s new Macan Turbo sounds as beastly as it looks, and now that look will be preserved for many more years to come. I absolutely love love love the interior!

Black looks best when done right! This model year E series was one of my dream cars (within reason) in the recent years (Does the logo look familiar? hehe) Ranjeet scored one heck of a deal on this car, having only 4k miles on the odometer when he bought it. Since then, he’s logged a little over 10k miles on it, and also waited nearly two months before I was able to fit him into my schedule for a proper pampering. He’ll be one of the wettest looking E350’s on the streets for many years to come! Coated with Opticoat Pro, and topped with Glosscoat for added slickness and glossiness!

It’s always nice to have the opportunity to work on cars straight from the factory, as defects are typically most minimal at that time. In today is Anil’s new toy, the grey P85D Model S. The overall condition was near perfect, aside from a small little spot above the rear emblem – not sure what happened there.

Is it just me, or did Tesla change their grey’s again? It went from the original Dolphin grey, to something that was lighter, and back to Dolphin grey. This one seems somewhere in between, but I’m not quite sure if it’s just my vision getting worse with age. Anyways, car was fairly new with minimal defects. Went with the usual new car prep. Lookin’ sparkly!

I always find it crazy how people are able to drive across the county. Anthony is one of those people who picked up his car from the other side of the coast, and trek’d it all the way back to California. As I had expected, there were some swirling since Rally Blue is particular soft, and will swirl even if you look at it wrong. It’s looking proper now, though!

A little change in pace today after doing those two other cars that needed a much more aggressive polishing. In today is Kim’s BEBE for Beautiful Beast – I also learned today that the 85D is an option… I thought it only came in form of P85D! Thanks for the referral, Doug!

Sorry no before pictures on this one; the car was very dirty, but it was also never washed since delivery, so defects were minimal.

With all these black cars lined up, summer must be around the corner! I worked on Eugene’s Model S a few months ago. He liked the Opticoat Pro so much that he decided to get his other baby coated as well! This car needed much more prep work, and a lot more polishing prior to coating. I think it came out pretty dang good..

Polish game was on fleek the past two days! Eric’s S2000 CR edition has been sitting for years as he lives in another state, and was long overdue for a good polish. The goal of this detail was to restore the paint and to protect it with Opticoat Pro for many more years to come. Our schedules worked out such that he was able to leave the car with me while he was traveling, allowing me to spread the work over the course of a few days. A few sweaty t-shirts, a lot of polish, and about 15 hours later, the car is ready for Eric’s return. I’m very glad the rear spoiler and hard top were easy to remove, as it made it much much easier to polish the rest of the car.. especially the trunk being in the condition that it was.

It’s always a pleasure working with owners who are willing to leave their cars for a while. It worked out quite well as Tom was leaving for a week or so, allowing me to work on the car a few hours a day, and while also allowing 2-3 days for Opticoat Pro to cure. No before pictures as the car came straight from the Tesla factory with very very few miles.