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David decided to bring his car back to me this year for a quick all-in-one polish/seal job but I decided to follow the horizontal surfaces with an extra layer of LSP to give him more protection. Here’s his car from last year. A few scratches were taken care of if not lightened. Excuse the lack of pictures, this is the second car I did today and I guess I wasn’t being photogenic anymore.

Today was the day to give Dennis’s family car some lovin’. His 2008 MDX came in looking fresh, given that it is only two years old with 10k miles on the clock. One thing Dennis have not had the chance to do yet which all new cars should get right off the lot, is a thorough clay bar job. When you’re buying a new car, they’re sitting on the lot collecting pollens, rail dust etc. which ends up contaminating the paint, leaving a rough feel. A clay bar is needed to remove these contaminants, leaving the paint smooth, and ready for further work. Defect-wise, the car was in great condition. There were no scratches and swirls were minimal. Oh! I really did not think the MDX was that big until I got a chance to work on it! :/ Ditto.

These Nighthawk Black Pearl cars just keep comin’! Ken, a fellow Acurazine member took advantage of a special I’m offering to all Acurafest attendees today. It was a gloomy-overcast morning which disallowed me from seeing all the defects on the car. Upon inspection under the Halogens and my handy Fenix TK11 lights, swirls were everywhere! There were minimal scratches that I was able to remove/lighten. Ken opted to add an additional coat of some of my finest LSP; Pinnacle Sovereign Carnuba wax on top of a fresh layer of Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection (Sealant), the paint was poppin’! Anyways, enjoy the pics! The entire process took roughly 6 hours and a very tired arm.

As promised, Brian’s girlfriend, Stephanie brought in her (pretty-fresh-ly) bought IS250 in for a Wash/Clay/Wax after seeing the results of Brian’s Civic Si (Click me) a few weeks ago. As a good deed to a returning client, instead of going straight to the wax step, I decided to give the whole car a full treatment of an all-in-one polish, Optimum Poliseal. Why? Well, the paint was in very good condition considering it only has 12k miles and is parked in a car port, making the clay bar step fairly quick. I quoted her a 3-4 hour time frame for me to complete the job, and if I were to finish up after claying, it would’ve only taken me 1.5 hours. Anyways, the car had very light swirls that the polish in the poliseal was able to get rid of most (very suprised), topped off with an additional coat of Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection, the car left looking wetter than the ones I see at the Lexus dealership lots! Upon pickup, I hooked Brian up with a 12 oz bottle of ONR mixed instant detailer since he wanted a a remedy to bird droppings without washing the car. Thanks again Brian & Steph! They were in and out of my place within 3 hours!

Holograms are cars are nothing like what you’d expect in booster pack of Pokemon cards. According to Shane, his 330i (Jet Black) was buffed by the dealership, leaving trails and trails of buffer trails and car still swirled to who knows where. He dropped the car off to me Sunday night around 8pm for me to work on Monday – well, I guess I figured I might as well be productive if I’m staying home on a Sunday night, so I got straight to work. I knocked out the claying & polishing at night just a bit before midnight. This morning, I followed my polishing step with a more mild polish to jewel the paint (due to the nature of the ridiculously soft clear coat of Jet Black). Applied a layer of LSP and did the finishing touches. Shane isn’t picking up the car until tonight, but it’s kind of nice to have almost a whole day off that I would have otherwise been spending on the car.

It’s one thing to have a girl who understands car care, it’s another to have that same girl drive one of the few 5speed Manual 2000 Honda Accord coupes! Serena’s car came in looking pretty clean (woohoo white cars!), but a quick hose to the paint reviewed all the dirt sitting on the paint waiting to be washed off. Under the halogens, defects were hard to capture due to the color of the car (sorry for the lack of more before pictures – as you can see I gave up after taking the before of the front end haha), but for the most part, the paint was rough, hazy, and dull looking. Nothing a thorough clay job (Thanks Serena for helping!!!) and a good polish can’t take care of! Trunk jams and gas cap area definitely never received any attention – so I gave it a good ONR wipedown. Seals had caked in residue from her previous wax job, Black WOW took care of that, while the headlights got hit with the wool pad to bring them back to life.

Too nice! She even brought me a bagel & juice before I started, and a Cinnamon roll before she took off! Thanks again Serena!

Another Nighthawk Black Pearl job today. Brian’s Si was delivered to me the night before for me to work on the next morning. Brian’s main concern with the car was to rid the swirls and to apply a good layer of LSP. I went to my go-to product for my Honda/Acura jobs, Menzerna P085RD. A few scratches were noted and taken care of. On the front bumper it looks like someone backed up into him leaving some deep scratches on the paint. After 30 minutes of testing different combos, I was able to remove almost all of the scratches on the bumper with a purple foam wool pad paired with Meguiars 105 Ultra Cut Compound. The yellow pad/Optimum Compound didn’t even leave a dent in it! Anyways, I took a ton of pictures on this one since the car turned out great! I especially love working on cars when I can take my time and work on my own pace (without the client waiting around). Brian was very happy with the results, and it sounds like I may be doing his girlfriends IS250 in the near future! Stay tuned!

Jhun was nice enough to bring his car in prewashed! That didn’t mean I didn’t have to wash it, but it allowed me to demo an Optimum No Rinse Wash inside the garage with just 4 gallons of water to him. He looked scared when I began wiping the car down with the water with ONR solution inside which looks almost clear, but to say the very least, he left with a 16oz bottle for himself to use during the winter!

The car itself was in very good condition. The clay was practically clean after doing the whole car! It was just a bunch of swirls that needed to be dealt with to show the true pearl of the paint.

Todays detail is an absolute beauty! Packed under the Black Sapphire Metallic paint is 300 Ponies, 300 torque ft/lbs twin turbo’d! The interior red leather in contrast with the black is absolutely stunning. The roof collapses down and tucks away into the trunk with a click of a button.
Unfortunately, the paint definitely needed some work. Lien was absolutely clueless as to how I was going to remove the defects on the car. But witty-me, I was able to compare it to when she gets her nails done! Like nails, the paint has to go through cleaning, prepping, and many step downs of polishing to get that jeweled look.
Anyways, enjoy the buttload of pics!

For being parked outside for 3 years, and never clayed… this car was in suprisingly pretty good shape. Kudos to Raffy for washing it weekly. Part of this might be because of the color – it hides scratchs/swirls pretty well (Sorry for the lack of before pictures; it was hard to capture) Under the halogen light, swirls were apparent but still hard to capture from the lighting. Clay bar process wasn’t as bad as I anticipated, although the roof/trunk/hood took a little longer than usual (Still not as bad as that ABP I did a few weeks ago). TSX with white wheels on back to back days. I hate doing white wheels!!! Anyways, here’s the pics of his daily driver.