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Haven’t done a red one in a while…! Almost forgot how good it looks after a good polish and some OCP+!

Here comes the wave 2017 facelifted Model S’s! Overall, I like the new sleek front end, but what I dislike (and this is arguable) is that they done away with the the lower plastics; particularly at the rear end where the Model S’s are notorious being extra dirty… something to do with the wind draft back there. While the painted parts do look better, it will require some additional maintenance and care by the owners to ensure that those parts do not get scratched. Thanks Jeff for bringing your Model S in straight from the factory!

Ain’t nothin’ like a freshly polished black car! Surprisingly, this Model S was purchased 3 months ago and the owner never washed the car due to the water restrictions in the area. With Opticoat Pro+, Sudhir will now not only have to wash the car less frequently, but will also make the car safer and easier to wash as well. With ONR, a bucket, WW drying towel, and a wash mitt, and now with Opticoat Pro+, there is nothing to stop him from washing his car in his complex and without a hose

Love love LOVE how the new Macan’s look; inside and out! This Dark Blue Metallic on red interior with carbon fiber trims is one of the best color combinations I’ve seen.. ever! Paired with Opticoat Pro Plus, Elaine’s new family car is now one of the shiniest and well protected Macan’s on the road!

It’s always good to stay ahead of technology, and it’s even funner when you have new toys to play with. My new Rupes LHR21ES MarkII just shipped in the other day, and while not much has changed ergonomically, it now runs much more efficiently and is more powerful, allowing one to polish much more efficiently and for the power to be there when you need it. In today is Philie’s new daily; a 2016 GTI in carbon steel metallic, which I must say looks quite spectacular in the sun.. especially with Opticoat Pro+.

Haven’t done a subbie in a while..! Forgot how soft and forgiving their paint is. The car had a bit of minor swirling going on, but nothing a bit of primer polish on an orange pad couldn’t fix. Thanks for the referral Ben!

It’s always a good sign when employees who work for a company buy into their products. In today is Brian’s Tesla Model S. This thing obviously gets driven quite a bit as it required a much needed decon (Check out the iron removed – pic with the purple stuff). One day… car companies will see their protection packages are behind on times. Maybe Tesla will be the first car company to adapt to coatings?

Optimum Opti-coat Pro  application is the strongest protection available for a vehicle’s clear coat. Unlike waxes and sealants, Opti-Coat Pro…

Pardon the delayed posts… still getting settled in to the new place. Haven’t even got the desktop set up yet, and so all of these posts have been happening on the laptop. In this rainy day is Alex’s new, loaded and leased Crystal Black (which to be frank, is a very nice looking black with a hint of blue). For those who do not need the 5yr warranty of Opticoat Pro or 7yr warranty of Opticoat Pro+, there is Optimum Glosscoat, which is a very good entry level coating that lasts a solid two years.

Coming out of the few week hiatus, and with a bang! I’ve been taking a little extra time off recently as I relocated to Castro Valley, but will be back to the routine 1-2 cars/weekend shortly. Currently booked about a month out. In today is Dave’s new signature red Model X with only 450 miles. This one’s got the whole shebang; Opticoat Pro+, Optiglass Pro, Opti-trim, and Optiguard Leather+Fabric for that many many years of protection. Overall, the car was in fair condition and needed a little bit of polishing, but it’s looking quite amazing now!