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July 26th, 2013

2006 Acura TL (Anthracite Metallic)

Detailing Samples, by Johnny.

Optimum Opti-coat Pro  (Formerly known as Optiguard), a thicker version of Opticoat 2.0, application is the strongest protection available for a vehicle’s clear coat. Unlike waxes and sealants, Opti-Coat Pro is applied once, and lasts for the entire lifespan of the paint. It comes with an optional lifetime warrantly and is truly scratch and swirl resistant. It strengthens the clear-coat by roughly 10x, and is only available to authorized installers by Optimum Car Care. 

A few weeks of wait, but finally got Kim’s TL in for Opticoat Pro. With a decontamination and some German polish spun on an Italian machine, the Japanese car is looking the way it should once again. There were much residue left over from a previous detail that needed to be removed as well. Enjoy!

Here’s the process:

  • Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Clear + Grit Guard & Car Pro Merino Wool Mitt (2 bucket method) + Gilmour Foammaster II
  • Nanoskin Nanoscrub / Fine / ONRWS
  • Scholl Concepts S3 Gold/ Rupes LHR15ES 5.5″ / Orange
  • Scholl Concepts S17+ / Rupes LHR15ES 5.5″ / White
  • Scholl Concepts S17+  / Meguiars G110v2 4″ / Orange
  • Optimum Opticoat Pro/ By Hand / Optimum Dual-Pro Application (Permanent Ceramic Coating)
  • Stoners Invisible Glass
  • Optimum Opti-bond
  • AQuartz Iron Cut
  • Car Pro Erasure
  • Sonax Full Effect
  • Compressed Air

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