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November 2nd, 2014

2014 Toyota Prius C (Habanero)

Detailing Samples, by Johnny.

Optimum Opti-coat Pro  (Formerly known as Optiguard), a thicker version of Opticoat 2.0, application is the strongest protection available for a vehicle’s clear coat. Unlike waxes and sealants, Opti-Coat Pro is applied once, and lasts for the entire lifespan of the paint. It comes with an optional lifetime warranty and is truly scratch and swirl resistant. It strengthens the clear-coat by roughly 10x, and is only available to authorized installers by Optimum Car Care.

Orange-tober just got carried over to Mo-vember! In today is Janina’s few-month old Prius C in spicy habanero orange. She is the type to keep her  cars for a a very long time, and was looking for a proven protectant that’ll last her many many years to come. Opticoat Pro was the the no-brainer choice, and will surely be a winner in the long run.

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