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One of the hottest TSX’s in the Bay Area! Tuxedo mask (Sailor Moon haha) over here is always kept fresh with a wash & wax by the owner Sherman, but never a polish. As always, I go straight to my go-to product Menzerna P085RD for this Acura. The window visors were very hazy and I did what I could to revive them. They look a little better but not a lot. Anyways, at the very least, I want to say that I will never ever rock white wheels as good as they look. It would hurt my Emotions to have to deal with the upkeep.

Today’s job is one that packs a bunch of tasteful mods along with a few engine mods paired with its K20 under the hood. Son’s Nighthawk Black Pearl has not been detailed in over a year, and when he did, it was by hands. He was nice enough to leave the car unwashed a month for me (Thanks Son), leaving a ton of dirt and dust on the paint hiding the tremendous amount of swirls. Fortunately, the NHBP is the same color code as my fellow Acuras (TSX’s, TL, RL’s etc) that I had a lot of experience working on, so I assumed the clear coat on this Si would be very much alike. And it was! Check out the pearls on this bad boy!

Todays car is a 2006 Lexus GS300, color code Flint Mica (Gray). This eBay marketing associate had always brought his car to the Lexus car dealerships for their complimentary lifetime free car washes. If you’re not a perfectionist, free washes are awesome! But take a look at what it’ll do to your paint. William is fortunate that Lexus’s clear coats are extremely hard and that after three years of car washes, swirls are only minimal. That doesn’t mean that it was easy to remove though! ‘Cuz it was a pain! So much work for so little return. I was also able to remove MOST of the scratches put on by his kind neighbors (door dings). The car had never received a clay bar treatment which it definitely needed. Three pieces of clay had to be used for the entire car (the surface area of the roof and hood of this car is gigantuous!). Anyways, enjoy.

This is probably one of the newest, yet the worsest (for the lack of a better word to describe the car) maintained car I’ve touched. The car being silver made taking pictures of the defects difficult, but they are there! A proper clay-bar treatment was definitely needed since it felt as if I was playing in the sand when touching the paint. Tree sap and etched in bird poop throughout the car. It was probably months since this car has been washed – heck not even a auto-drive thru car wash that detailers hate so much!

Another TSXclub exclusive deal. The last one to receive my promotional deal… and boy was I in for a treat. Kamil recently bought this Artic Blue Pearl 2005 TSX from an older couple who only brought it through automatic car washes (poor thing…). The car was massively swirled as well as etchings in the paint from having a roof rack mounted. I questioned myself as to if I was going to be able to revive the front bumper when I removed the license plate holder. This was also the first car that I had to use two pieces of clay on since it was pretty obvious the car was never clayed before. The Hood/Roof/Trunk alone took me nearly two hours to clay. I really think I should have turned this job down, but anyways…