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Hereeeeeeeeeee’s Johnny! Feels great to be back in the Bay Area permanently. In observance of the California drought, I’ll be switching to a water-less wash system to conserve water. In today is Ming’s month old MDX in for Opticoat Pro. Has anyone noticed that the new Mercedes CLS/CL has lights similar to these? Way to set trends, Acura! Aside from a lot of water spots, the process was quite straightforward. Enjoy!

Working on Stephen’s TSX these past two days left was a little nostalgic. I got into detailing as a hobbyist on a TSX forum just eager to try new products, and wanted to test them out on peoples’ cars. Eventually, it took off and word spread like wildfire. It still is a hobby to me, and while I could probably turn it into my full time work if I wanted to, I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much anymore. For now, it just seems like I’m hanging out in the garage. A two step polish on Stephen’s TSX got the paint poppin’… it makes my 192k mile TSX sitting beside it look like crap (granted the last time I polished mine was over a 2 years ago). It got a generous coating of Opticoat Pro via air brush (Optiglass on windows) to protect the vehicle for years to come. Enjoy!

After almost 3 months of the much anticipated arrival of Frank’s new MDX, he finally took delivery yesterday. It came straight to me the following morning (today) for an Opticoat Pro treatment. An Xpel Ultimate installation will follow in a few days, providing his new car with supreme protection for the years to come. Overall, the car was in great shape aside from a few very minor defects. It was polished away using Scholl Concepts S40, and the surface prepped with Optimum Primer prior to coating. All these car companies are doing wild things with LED’s in their headlights, but the multi-projector in the new Acura’s really set them apart from the rest! I love it!

If you didn’t catch what I wrote yesterday, I’ll say it again :). Opticoat is probably the best product to protect your car with for those who are lazy to wax their cars annually or biannually. It is the only product on the market that offers lifetime protection (as long as it’s not removed abrasively), protecting the paint from any premature clear coat failure. Better yet – it keeps the car cleaner longer, and makes it much easier to wash. Here’s Justin’s RSX. Quite a turn around in ~8 hours if I can say so myself.

A few weeks of wait, but finally got Kim’s TL in for Opticoat Pro. With a decontamination and some German polish spun on an Italian machine, the Japanese car is looking the way it should once again. There were much residue left over from a previous detail that needed to be removed as well. Enjoy!