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Thanh’s back again for his yearly detail! He never ceases to amuse me how dirty he can get his white car, and he makes sure it comes to me nice and dirty. Haha! I don’t remember the last time I did used a traditional sealant, and today I was reminded how much easier it is to use compared to Opticoat. I went forward with a nanoscrub, single step polish, and topped with Optimum Opti-seal. It’s looking a lot better with just under 4 hours in the garage!

It’s only called work if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing. Just another day hanging out in the garage – and with another one of Anthony’s new old black cars. This TSX was originally from another state and it definitely shows. Both ends of the bumpers are quite dinged up, with signs of rust starting to occur in various places. The goal today was to bring the car back to a presentable condition, and since he drives all day for work, and parks outside, we decided to go with Opticoat 2.0 to protect the car from any further potential sun damage and bird bombings. I went with the Meguiar’s M105/M205 combo which gave a good ~80% improvement. There were a few problematic areas with deeper scratches that would require more time that I did not tend to. I also got to try out Adam’s Polish’s new Deep Wheel Cleaner, very similar to Sonax Full Effect. I’ll need to use it some more to really see which one I like better, but one thing I do enjoy more is its’ way more foam-y. Enjoy!

Ever seen a wheel with a lip big enough to feed a family of 5? Well, remember this guy? He’s back after almost 3 years, and this time the cars been changed up a tad. It went from a few sporty setups to something a little more classy. Sherman is still playing around with the fitment, and some WORK with his Eurolines is still needed for them to be fitted more properly, but I’m sure he will do it right! This time around, I went with a step step polish topped with Opticoat 2.0 to longevity and the benefit of having a slightly harder coat of protection, to make it harder to scratch. Much of the swirls were removed, though far from perfect, but it’s also went a long way from when the car first pulled up this morning. I’d say 75-80% correction, some RIDS still exists and are a bit deeper.

You ever feel like you spend all your time on other people and not enough on yourself? Today, I decided to have some “me” time with the ol’ pride n joy. The last time I detailed this thing was last July, and I got rear ended on the same day. I’ve been discouraged to detail my own car ever since then… since my entire days effort was wasted last year. Alas, it hit me this morning that I should take a “me” day where there are no other distractions except me and what I enjoy doing. Anyways, enjoy. The car just hit 166k miles, and she’s still shiny!

*Condition wasn’t too bad considering I tack on easily 1000 miles a month. A little water spotting from when I went on vacation for a few months, and markings left from the roof rack, but aside from that, she’s been pretty good!

One nice thing about white cars is – you can wash it in the sun, and as long as you spray it every now and then.. the paint stays cool. The hotter it is, the softer your clear coat, the easier to scratch/mar your paint. Keep it cool!