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Sam drove this TSX all the way from Michigan to San Jose! Most cars in any place other than the bay area have to deal with snow and particularly, road salt. These elements are very harmful to the car in terms of wear and tear. Sam did the right thing by bringing it by right when he got here from Michigan to decontaminate the paint and restore it back to its factory luster. Swirls were abundant, more-so after the dealerships “complimentary” wash (DON’T DO IT!). With a little magic and 8 hours later, I think I brought the life back to the car. Welcome to California, Sam!

The paint condition was pretty good considering the last time I did polishing on it was almost a year ago. Since then, it’s been on many road trips and parked outside most of the time. Scratches were minimal (wash technique!) but it definitely needed a good claying, and a fresh coat of LSP. I went with a slightly more abrasive polish to rid the few swirls and scratches in certain areas, followed by a finishing polish throughout the car. Topped with a layer of all natural brazilian carnuba wax, and an hour after that, a layer of synthetic polymer sealant.

Excuse the delayed post, been busy the past few days.

The day after doing Thanh’s GF’s civic, he brought in his toy TSX. He was nice enough to bring it in nice and dirty back from a LA trip he took a few weeks ago. A lot of grime was built up on the paint – I had to switch out my soap bucket in the middle of the wash. The car didn’t seem like it has been clay bar’d before as that took most of the time. I’ve done so many TSX’s now that it’s almost systematic what I do, I practically do not even test the product, I already know what combo is needed. As such:

I love this Red/Gold color combo! Geoffrey took on my offer of which I would be donating 85% of the cost to the American Cancer Society. Boy, did he hop on that deal QUICK! I posted the deal on Facebook, and within 20 minutes, this man was all over it. I was only offering this deal to one person! This job was practically 0% profit, and all efforts were made to benefit ACS. I must say, that this car came out absolutely stunning. It must be the red, but I was super impressed with the outcome.

For a car that hasn’t been clayed in 4 years, there actually wasn’t as much contaminates as I thought there would be. Swirls…. swirls… swirls. EVERYWHERE! There were a few small scratches that I took care of for Allen. I must say black is such a beautiful color when the paint is good, but when its not… it’s quite hideous. Anyways, I went with the usual, Menzerna polishes and as with all black cars, Optimum Poliseal as a finisher since holograms and marring tends to show exclusively on black cars.

Thanks for your contribution to the American Cancer Society, Allen!