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Got RonJon? Ed does. Pulling up to the drive way, I kind of wondered why was he bringing his car in to get done. But then I realized, wait, it’s silver. Those defects gotta be hiding! It’s amazing how clean a silver car can look even when its dirty. So instead of questioning the cleanliness of the paint, I just went for the traditional bucket wash rather than an eco-friendly Optimum No Rinse Wash-wash. Following the wash with a strong concentration of Chemical Guys Citrus wash to strip the car of any waxes, I got to take a look at the paint in its true form. Swirls are mild and hard to tell, but they were there. It’s been over a year since the cars been clayed, so it was definitely due for a clay bar treatment as well. As I do with most of the Acura’s coming in, and really, it’s becoming a routine process, I head for my Menzerna products to follow the clay treatment. Anyways, Ed’s car is, well, I wanna say one of RonJon’s official cars, at least for Acurafest. I lined Ed up with a carnuba wax, Pinnacle Sovereign Wax to be exact, to give the car a deeper, wetter look since his car could possibly be featured in upcoming magazines as well as RonJon’s website. (No, the wheels currently on the car are not RonJons). Anyways, I feel like I’ve blabbered enough, so on to the pics

Clay bar’ing a car is something that should be done at least once a year (Two would be wise if you park outside). Unfortunately, Jim’s TSX is 90,000 miles old, parked outside and has never gotten such a treatment. Upon the initial wash to expose the paints condition under all the dust, it was apparent that the car was lacking some good ole’ LSP (Last step protection .. aka Wax/Sealant). The water would just puddle up on the paint. Bringing it in the garage, I spent who knows how long claying just the car, by the end of it, it felt like ‘the stranger’ (If you’re not familiar with the slang, don’t worry. You’re better off not knowing) was the one doing the claying while I stood there dripping sweat from the 90+ degree weather. The car underwent a polish job with Menzernas Power Finish PO203S getting rid of ~85-90% of the swirls, finished with Optimum Poliseal, and topped off with the finest Synthetic sealant, Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection. Jim’s TSX really reminded me of my old setup, it’s headed in the right direction! Nice and clean.

Following Eric’s wifes RDX, is his very own 2005 PWP TL that he picked up a few months ago. The car was in pretty beat up condition, but the good news is that he got the car for one hell of a deal. Check out how a few hours of my time can change the exterior of a car! It is hard to get white in pictures, but the paint is absolutely beautiful now. The clay bar step took quite a while but it is one of the most essential steps in prepping the paint for polish. There were many many skid/scratch marks left from who knows where that I was able to remove with the help of a 4″ Wool pad and the handy dandy UDM. For LSP we went with Four Star UPP once again for longevity, while the interior dirty tan leather got a Leatherique treatment. With all the grime built up in the tan seats, I was not able to get all of it out, but it is definitely cleaner now, and with the rejuvenating oil & Einzett leather conditioner, the leather is much softer now. See you at Acurafest, Eric!

The first of the two cars from Eric is his wife’s beloved 2008 RDX. I’ve always had a soft spot for this turbo’d mini-suv with all wheel drive. The RDX got a one step polishing job which really made the paint pop, and topped off with the finest Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection – synthetic polymer sealant. Even though carnuba waxes look great on cars, it does not compare to a true sealant in terms of longevity. Anyways, enjoy.

Things are picking up, but at the same time slowing down now that I’m back in school and am only available on weekends. Jason took advantage of this fine Sunday morning to get his blue beauty a nice rub me down by yours truly. With only <50k on the speedo, the car was in great condition and only required a mild polish. The car got every layer of LSP in my arsenal, resulting in a stunning, flaky finish. This blue is simply amazing!