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Friends and family have always been my biggest supporters. Charlie “Chalo” is back with his new baby after getting rid of his M5 that I worked on almost two years ago. You don’t see these things around everyday, and you sure as heck won’t see one of these as shiny as Charlie’s new RS5 around anytime soon either! This thing sounds as mean as it looks!

For a paint code name Suzuka Gray, the car is not very gray. In today is Jonathan’s TTRS, to which I really think Audi should’ve just called it the R8-mini. Carbon fiber accents are everywhere, crazy looking rotors, 20″ wheels on the small coupe, great sounding 5-cylinder engine, and now wearing Opticoat Pro+. Cleaning this garage queen should be even easier now!

November 9th, 2014

2015 Audi S4 (Sepang Blue)

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No matter how new or old a car is, there is always that minimum amount of prep needed prior to coating a car. Much like painting… you can’t just go all in without first prepping the surface. In today was Eric’s few-week old S4 in Sepang Blue. It’s always nice to be blessed with the opportunity to be the one to first wash the car! Aside from being quite dirty from the rain last week, the paint was in great shape. Eric was scheduled with me months in advance prior to delivery, which seems to be becoming more and more prevalent as Opticoat Pro is getting more main stream attention. There’s no other reason other than .. because it works! He also hauled his new VMR wheels over to get coated fresh out the box as well. Enjoy.

What was supposed to be a new car prep (after CPO “touched up” to get the car to near new again) with a single step polish turned into an additional step. Since I woke up to some good news this morning (not so good for those looking for details. My time will be even more limited starting July), I decided to go the extra step for Jason on my dime. I was able to achieve a ~70% correction using the primer polish, but stepped it up to MF cutting/Classic cut to get it up to that 80-90% level. The left fender and right quarter panel had some deeper scratches, along with a few random RIDS throughout the car, but overall, the car came out quite nice for a CPO takeover.

So much for conserving water huh? When a car is super dirty, there is no quicker/more efficient way of thoroughly cleaning it besides a traditional hand wash. In today is Vinh’s S4 who initially contacted me last October. Nearly half a year later, his car is finally in. Aside from being really dirty, there were some holograms left over (that Vinh tried to remove some time in those 6 months), and just a handful of RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratches), the car was a pleasure to work on. The polish definitely brought the luster back in the paint, and Opticoat Pro will surely be winner in terms of long term protection on outdoor-parked S4.