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Today came John’s brand new Audi Q7 that just got picked up yesterday. Only 6.3miles on the odo! If I havn’t mentioned countless times before, Opticoat is probably the best thing to do when you get a new car as it offers not only many years of protection, it also makes it a little harder to scratch, and also makes cleaning much easier. There were many plastic protective adhesive marks left on the car that came off during the polishing stage. Lots of them. There were some more stubborn ones that were treated with Tar-X aided with the steamer. The car was much better than I anticipated, taking roughly 8 hours for the new car prep. However, I almost feel like I owe John for giving me the euphoria that comes with the first-time removal of the protective plastics!

You ever have one of those discoveries – where you wonder how you’ve done something for so long – and then to find out you would have been saving time if you did just that little thing extra? Well compressed air is my new best friend when it comes to applying Opticoat. It’s beneficial in every way – the product is leveled out with the air so I don’t have to touch it as much, leaving minimal excess residue to be wiped off. Newton’s S4 got the Opticoat Pro treatment today. Prepped with a decontamination and a single step polish which was able to get rid of a few light scratches on the car all while prepping the surface to be opticoat’d. I hope the Japanese domestic market takes note of what the Euro’s are doing, ’cause all the new Euro’s are looking fantastic!

Did they make the S’s bigger or were they always bigger than the A4’s? Mat’s S4 got the oh-so demanding OC 2.0 today, just in time for the up and coming rain season. Many new car owners are getting their cars opti-coated as its pretty much a one time deal. You may never have to wax the car again the entire life of your ownership. Talk about a deal! It was a great day today, until my 3 year old Canon G9 camera finally decided to die on me. The finished pics were taken by the handy dandy iPhone. No worries! A new camera is on the way!… just not in time for this weekend.. but stay tuned!

Minimal polishing work was done on the S as its only a few weeks old off the lot. There were several scratches already though, and I did what I can on them.

White & BBS’s, I’m expecting a White Lexus or a Mercedes next on BBS”s. These new S4’s are soooper sweet. Love every bit of it, and John definitely made it look that much better going with the black and white theme. In preparation for the summer, this panda got a two step Menzerna treatment followed by a sealant. The wheels were removed for a more thorough cleaning & waxed. Interior got a quick wipe-down, vacuum, and protectant applied. Wish I had taken more pics of the interior, Audi did a great job with this one.

This detail was actually from last month, but since I’m starting to age and can become absent minded at times, I forgot my camera at my apartment in Sacramento. Ravi was nice enough to loan me his though! Capturing pictures was difficult as I wasn’t familiar with how to use a DSLR properly. There is no ‘noob’ MACRO button HAHA! Anyways, its too bad we didn’t get to see this car before the part out began, but nonetheless, this thing is still quite a beauty. This red beauty was custom painted Porsche’s Guard Red. Jawdropping! The clear coat was similar to that of Audi’s, stubborn. I had to opt for a more aggressive pairing for the polishing step, and with the color being a bright red, marring and holograms showed even if you wiped it wrong… so I had to follow it with the finiest finishing polish. After that, of course, I top it off with my go-to Four Star ultimate Paint Protection.