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Holograms are cars are nothing like what you’d expect in booster pack of Pokemon cards. According to Shane, his 330i (Jet Black) was buffed by the dealership, leaving trails and trails of buffer trails and car still swirled to who knows where. He dropped the car off to me Sunday night around 8pm for me to work on Monday – well, I guess I figured I might as well be productive if I’m staying home on a Sunday night, so I got straight to work. I knocked out the claying & polishing at night just a bit before midnight. This morning, I followed my polishing step with a more mild polish to jewel the paint (due to the nature of the ridiculously soft clear coat of Jet Black). Applied a layer of LSP and did the finishing touches. Shane isn’t picking up the car until tonight, but it’s kind of nice to have almost a whole day off that I would have otherwise been spending on the car.

Todays detail is an absolute beauty! Packed under the Black Sapphire Metallic paint is 300 Ponies, 300 torque ft/lbs twin turbo’d! The interior red leather in contrast with the black is absolutely stunning. The roof collapses down and tucks away into the trunk with a click of a button.
Unfortunately, the paint definitely needed some work. Lien was absolutely clueless as to how I was going to remove the defects on the car. But witty-me, I was able to compare it to when she gets her nails done! Like nails, the paint has to go through cleaning, prepping, and many step downs of polishing to get that jeweled look.
Anyways, enjoy the buttload of pics!

Did a 2004 BMW Jet Black 325Ci today. First off, let me say Jet Black has got to be the softest paint EVER. You will mar the paint if you lay a finger on it the wrong way. Nevertheless, doing black cars is really a love-hate relationship. Results are amazing but if you do not do a good job, it will definitely show. The owner said the car was detailed not long ago, but really… does it look like it has? Anyways, you tell me.