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In today is “Natasha”, the black beast that made its way all the way 900 miles away from an Arizona dealership. These M2’s are a dime a dozen, and I can see why! It looks great; each dealership only gets one, and the enthusiast market is hot in the bay area! Now looking even better with Opticoat Pro Plus!

Pardon the delayed posts… still getting settled in to the new place. Haven’t even got the desktop set up yet, and so all of these posts have been happening on the laptop. In this rainy day is Alex’s new, loaded and leased Crystal Black (which to be frank, is a very nice looking black with a hint of blue). For those who do not need the 5yr warranty of Opticoat Pro or 7yr warranty of Opticoat Pro+, there is Optimum Glosscoat, which is a very good entry level coating that lasts a solid two years.

Seldom do I get return supporters due the nature of the coating business, but Keane somehow keeps finding his way back to me… whether it be to coat new rims, newer set of rims, or a new car. In today is his new Sakhir orange M1 — gotta love the aggressive front end and body flares on this one. Sounds mean too!

October 4th, 2015

2013 BMW M3 (Jet Black)

No Comments, Detailing Samples, by Johnny.

It’s been quite a while since I had one of these multi-day projects let alone a BMW’s jet black… one of the hardest blacks to work with. I didn’t take very many during pix as the hours were flying by. The after pics should speak for themselves though! This jet black M3 with Opticoat Pro+ is GLOWING!

Have and always have loved the BMW’s space grey paint. In today is Diishan’s 650i that gets washed religiously from a place in Oakland. He heard word of a life-changing coating called Opticoat Pro from one of his coworkers and had to get it on his toy. Aside from a few nicks, the car was in great shape. Opticoat Pro will surely provide the shine and protection on his car for the next 5+ years.