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All ready for the storm that’s coming tonight! Victoria is one who travels to the snowy mountains a lot, and wanted to protect her newly prized possession with something that’ll make cleaning much easier. Thanks again!

No outdoor sun-pics of this beauty! Faisal was nice enough to leave the car with me for a few days while he was on the trip, allowing me to do the work a few hours a day. I’ve said this once before and I’ll say it again: if I ever get a black car, it’ll probably be sapphire black metallic. The color is absolutely amazing, and a great choice from Faisal. His previous car was coated with Opticoat 2.0, the consumer version of Opticoat Pro. I’ll have to check in with him a few months down the road to see what he thinks!

In today is Tony’s new 335i, straight from Europe (kind of). With under 2000 miles on the car, the car was in near pristine shape. A quick decon and primer polish, and the car was ready to be coated with Opticoat Pro for maximum protection. The color combination he chose is quite the eye-catcher. The CSL (?) trunk lip adds a nice aggressive touch as well!

What started off as a single step polish job quickly turned into three. I was speaking with a colleague of mine not long ago about how sometimes we quote for certain things, and end up going the extra step. Asif’s new used E92 M3 is a prime example of that. After a test spot, I came to a quick conclusion that both him and I were not going to be happy with the result. I gave Asif a call to let him know that I’ll be doing an extra step to get it to that 75% level; a level that is acceptable and won’t be an eye sore every time you look at the car. In the end, I ended up busting out the wool pad to get it to that 80-85% level. There are still a few troublesome areas, but I think that extra effort was well worth it.

One of the required questions on the contact form should be “How often do you wash your car?” Francine’s 328i hasn’t been washed since she first purchased it, nearly three years ago. There is bird poop etchings all over the car and many deep scratches, particularly around the door handle areas. The clear coat was showing signs of failure as well, so it’s a good thing we’re getting it done before it really fails. As such, a near-perfection goal was not on the menu, but rather a good cleaning and polish to bring the black back – followed by Opticoat Pro to prevent/minimize any further bird poop etchings. Before polishing, the car was decon’d using nanoskin’s autoscrub, which took nearly a hour due to all the stuff stuck to the paint. It literally felt like 1500 grit sand paper. The finished product came out quite nice, considering where it came from.