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One of the required questions on the contact form should be “How often do you wash your car?” Francine’s 328i hasn’t been washed since she first purchased it, nearly three years ago. There is bird poop etchings all over the car and many deep scratches, particularly around the door handle areas. The clear coat was showing signs of failure as well, so it’s a good thing we’re getting it done before it really fails. As such, a near-perfection goal was not on the menu, but rather a good cleaning and polish to bring the black back – followed by Opticoat Pro to prevent/minimize any further bird poop etchings. Before polishing, the car was decon’d using nanoskin’s autoscrub, which took nearly a hour due to all the stuff stuck to the paint. It literally felt like 1500 grit sand paper. The finished product came out quite nice, considering where it came from.

A bit of a late post here as we were switching internet providers. In today is Justin’s new 228i for a new car prep with Opticoat Pro. I’ve seen a few of these bad boys on the road, but finally got to get a little closer with one. The lines on this car are super sleek and elegant, portraying that classy BMW look quite nicely. The car was prepped with prerinsed with wheels cleaned outside, ONRWS indoors to conserve water, nanoscrubed, primer polished, and Opticoat Pro’d.

New or old, it’s never too late to get Opticoat Pro on your car. While it is important to get the car to an immaculate state prior to coating, it may not be in the best interest (financially) for those with older cars. The owner was most concerned with protection today, and understood that the 10 year old car would not be in its near new state, even with a two or three step polish. We opted for a decon, and single step polish to get the car to a high gloss prior to coating. His car is usually a victim of tree sap attacks, and Opticoat Pro’s release properties should make for an easier removal. Windows got Optiglass, and the trims were restored with BlackWOW. The headlight covers could use a replacement, as wetsanding with 1000, 1500, 2000, compound, polish barely put a dent in the revival process of it.

Sapphire Black is probably one of my favorite colors to work on. It’s soft enough for an aggressive compound to not leave excessive marring, and hard enough for the surface not to marr when wiping. I kept it german today on the german beast – spent the first day cutting down using Scholl’s S3, and the second day polishing it down with S17 prior to Opticoat’ing. Damn I love these M5’s.

Woke up this morning thinking I was going to work on an S5 today, but to my surprise I’d work on an X5 instead. Little stir up but its no big deal, still a new car prep on a white car nevertheless. Tommy’s new X5 got the opticoat pro treatment today with a single step polish to prep. Tire-shine sling was one main concern of his as his mobile detailer probably uses silicone based tire shine which tend to sling all over the paint. I opted for Optimum’s Optibond as a tire dressing on his X5 as it is water based and does not stay as a liquid on the tire once it dries. The X5 is probably my favorite SUV, and Tommy went with the Alpine White – BMW’s best color!