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Word of mouth brings in nine of ten detailee’s, and today was another referral by Charlie. Young’s M3 went through a similar treatment today. Rust blooms were starting, but nothing a little Iron-X couldn’t handle! The car got cut down with FG400 and refined with Sonax perfect finish, getting a ~80% correction. Topping of choice today was Opticoat Pro for the best protection and longevity. Excuse the lack of before/after pictures, late start on a gloomy day, and finished at sundown.

Opticoat is the best protection a car can get, no matter if its new or old. Subu brought his low mileage Jet Black 325i in today to get an Opticoat 2.0 treatment. Being a car that lives in the outdoors all day, protection was of the greatest concern, and a polish-to-(near)perfection was not on the menu. The car got a full micro decontamination and ferrous decontamination, followed by a polish using Sonax Perfect Finish to prep for opticoat. SPF was able to remove a lot of the minor things, but there still exists a few RIDS. Jet Black is honestly one of the hardest colors to work with, but through experience with Opticoat and the way it works, I knew I had to use Opticoat quite liberally in order to not induce any marring. It is quite wasteful of the product, but it is necessary to maintain the finish of the jet black unscathed. Enjoy!

If I havn’t said it enough – Opticoat is probably the best thing to do to a new car. There currently is no other product on the market, and unless you go PPF (Paint protection film), this is the next best thing. Sean brought his 2 month old-unwashed 328i in today for the Opticoat Pro treatment. I went with Meguiar’s M205 for the polish for the low-dust properties since temperatures were near 90’s today – I wanted to avoid having to do the second wash. The car itself was in great condition aside from a few light scratches that came right off.

It’s far from perfect, but it’s quite a turn around in ~10 hours time. This was one of those situation where quoting before seeing can increase the amount of time you spend polishing – one of the reasons why I don’t provide detailing “packages”. Each car is unique, which is why it’s a Distinctiv_Detail, every time. Today’s M5 belongs to a personal friend of mine, Charlie. I don’t know what this car has been through, but the exterior was quite a mess. I honestly do not believe it’s possible to bring this car back to pristine shape without wet sanding, or double, triple, or even quadruple the time I put in. I went started with the FG400 and followed with the M205 to finish, topped with Opticoat. I can’t say I’m too happy about the finished product, but from where it came from, I think it turned out pretty well.

How come most good looking wheels are such a pain to clean!? I love the recessed lip behind the spokes look, but to get behind each and every spoke can be quite a pain to do if you clean your own car. After about a month of waiting, Louis was finally able to bring his new CPO 750i. We originally planned for Opticoat 2.0, but after some thought, we went with the Pro as he parks under sappy trees at work. Overall, it was pretty straight forward. There were a few scratches, but nothing a single step polish wasn’t able to remove. It was apparent that the car never been decontaminated before as the paint was not smooth that was taken care of with the Nanoskin and Iron-X. Enjoy!