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How come most good looking wheels are such a pain to clean!? I love the recessed lip behind the spokes look, but to get behind each and every spoke can be quite a pain to do if you clean your own car. After about a month of waiting, Louis was finally able to bring his new CPO 750i. We originally planned for Opticoat 2.0, but after some thought, we went with the Pro as he parks under sappy trees at work. Overall, it was pretty straight forward. There were a few scratches, but nothing a single step polish wasn’t able to remove. It was apparent that the car never been decontaminated before as the paint was not smooth that was taken care of with the Nanoskin and Iron-X. Enjoy!

After a few weeks of waiting, Ed was finally able to bring his new car in. The 535i is one of my all-time favorite cars! It got a single step finishing polish to bring some more pop out of the blue, also allowing me to inspect one panel at a time to check for defects. There wasn’t anything that stood out aside from a few marrings, nothing M205 wasn’t able to handle with a green pad. The car got topped with Opticoat Pro for many many years of protection

Weeks later, Kennan was finally able to get his new F30 in for an optiguard treatment! He was nice enough to bring it over with all kinds of fresh overnight bird poop haha. As with all my Opticoat projects, I like to give the entire car a finishing polish at a minimum to refine the paint, and so I can inspect each panel one by one to catch anything major. I went with Meguiars M205 this time for the low oil properties. Gotta love a clean, black car. A little lacking of pictures as we decided to take on his coworkers Prius following this and needed to be done by 3 for the swap. Thanks for the referral Kennan!

More new car preps’! Howard’s fresh off the boat (<100 miles) 328i got the opticoat pro treatment today. As with all new car preps, I really like to give the entire car a finishing polish to jewel the paint and rid any minor defects. The 328i defects were almost non-existent, but a little finishing polish got the light to refract a little better. Going over the entire car also gives me the opportunity to assess every panel individually. The door drainage had some kind of yellow gunk - Howard claims it to be some sort of grease BMW applies while shipping overseas, which seeped down into the side skirts and hardened up. A fine grade clay bar removed that safely, and the car got the opticoat pro treatment post-polish. The wheel faces were also coated to help with brake dust cleaning. Oh! I also got to test out a prototype product made by one of the best detailer in the country, Richard Lin of ShowCarDetailing in Socal. The product currently goes by the name "Super IPA", a product used to clean the surface of all oils and protection prior to coating. The best part about it? NO streaking! I can't wait for the release! Who else is in love with the new F30's?

February 22nd, 2013

2009 BMW M5 (Alpine White)

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There’s a reason this guy calls himself the fast agent! If anyone is looking realtor, be sure to check out http://kennytruong.com/ – he’ll set you right up! Kenny’s sense of humor has got to be one of the main reasons why he’s been so successful in the business. His M5 got the royal treatment today. What was supposed to be a one step inclusive polish turned into a complimentary additional step since I wasn’t too happy with just a single. Quite recently, I’ve been authorized by Optimum Car Care to be a professional installer of their coatings – And with that, I am now able to get ahold of Optimum Opticoat Pro (See bold above). Application is pretty much the same as 2.0, but work time is cut from ~20min to about 3-5min. What that means is I must be extra attentive to be sure I level the coat properly, and that the coating will fully cure sooner, and harder than 2.0. Enjoy!