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January 27th, 2013

2011 BMW M3 (Alpine White)

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If there was one thing I would change about the M3, it would probably be the wheels. There are so many spokes and grooves to clean! Love every thing Tariq did to this M3, little Carbon Fiber accents, I believe CSL Hood and trunk (?). The entire car got a decontaminated and de-iron’d, followed by a two step polish by Meguiar’s M105 and M205, and finally topped with Optimum Opticoat 2.0. My Adam’s Glass Sealant also just shipped in, so I decided to apply it to the ///M . Let me know how it goes!

For a car that hasn’t been washed in over 6 months, it wasn’t in as bad of condition as I thought it would be. I mean, it wasn’t in good condition at all, but maybe it was the silver hiding all the crud. Much road kick up and tar were along the rocker panels and lower parts, but Stoner’s Tarminator made the clean up quite an easy task. The entire car then got Nanoscrub’d followed by a single step polish, and topped with my former go-to synthetic polymer sealant, Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection. I originally planned on doing an All-in-one step with Optimum Poli-seal, but the combination with a white pad showed minimal improvement. I tried a few different combos, and Meguiar’s M105 on Lake Country’s Orange Light Cutting pad finished down quite nicely with the Rupes LHR15ES. I can almost say that the entire entire got a steam bath with my new VX5000. There were a few more stubborn stains that I couldn’t get out in the carpet. Panels got a 303 Aerospace Protectant application to finish things off.

January 17th, 2013

2002 BMW 530i (Jet Black)

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One of the benefits of doing a friend’s car is that… you get to put them to work! 🙂 Downside is they don’t ever think you’re worth as much as you think you do :(. Just kidding, kind of. It felt more like just hanging out today in the garage. Riccardo picked up this trashed 2002 530i a few weeks ago. Mechanically, it’s quite sound, but cosmetically, there was a lot of room for improvement. Today, we decided to spend a few hours (almost 7 if you want to get down to the details) on the car, making it shine the way its suppose to. Much of the swirls were removed with a two step polish, but there still remains a few RIDS (Random Isolated Deeper Scratches) on the car. I tossed Riccardo the bit more user-friendly G110v2 to do the finishing polish on the car, while I polished with Meguiar’s M105 on the Rupes. Oxidation was starting to form on the hood, roof, and rear end. Polishing these panels brought some of the gloss back. The whole car was topped with Optimum’s Opti-seal, giving the car a bit more protection from oxidation and other elements. Anyways.

Although they seem to be getting bigger and bigger, they still haven’t compromised the sportiness and luxury feel. The 535i is probably one of my dream cars (within reason). Subu’s custom ordered Alpine White just shipped in from Europe, with only 400 miles on the tach. The Oyster/Black interior was absolutely gorgeous (no pictures unfortunately). The day began on a freezing morning (see picture of my TSX!) with me fully covered in sweats, hand warmers in each pocket, and quite possibly frostbitten hands by the time I finished the initial (Two bucket, pressure wash, foam cannon, the goods) wash. That exposed the many hairline scratches on the car, much that went away after a single step of finishing polish. The car got an Opti-coat 2.0 treatment after, including the windows 🙂 Safe driving in the rain Subu!

November 25th, 2012

2007 BMW 328i (Opal Black)

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Getting your car detailed is one of the best ways to maximize your cars value prior to selling it. It may cost you a penny or two, but the investment is definitely worthwhile. When buying a used car, condition plays a big role on the KBB value, and reflects greatly on whether you properly maintained it. Today’s 2007 328i is one that just hit the used-car market.