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I’m seriously in a love/hate relationship with black cars. This black thing got a two step polish (it could’ve used a 3rd) followed by my go-to F*UPP. Interior got hit with the Leatherique system, and carpets were shampoo’d. I’m digg’n the black on tan … but it is quite a combo to maintain. I’m tired, just look at the pics. Took 9 hours.

Excuse the lack of paint pictures, gray is an especially hard color to capture defects in pictures. Vanessa dropped off “Peps”, her Space Gray 335i hardtop convertible off the night before, for me to work on the next day. I must say.. it must feel good to walk in/out the garage with this thing on the driveway everyday. I’m jealous. From the looks of it, it is probably parked outdoors as there were some serious pollen attached to the paint that didn’t even come off during the wash. A lil’ lube and a lil clay was all that was needed to get that off though. It also looked like whoever waxed it last, left wax in the crevices that has been baking for a while. A little trick is to “remove like with like”. A little polish, and and some unhappy fingers, and they were gone :). Peps got a single step polish on the outside, then sealed with my favorite Four State UPP, and the interior conditioned and protected in preperation for the summer heat. Lookin’ as good as new! Minus the few scratches that I tried to rid for her, but they were too deep. My rule of thumb is – if you can feel it, it’s too deep…. that’s what.. nevermind. Enjoy.

A ’99 beast with only ~70k miles! I wish there was a like button on this page. Starting this detail-season off right with this gorgeous E36 Alpine White M3 on BBS’s! The ///M got a foam bath to start, followed by a clay, single step polish with my go-to Menzernas, and finally topped with Menzernas sealant wax. The interior got a quick vacuum.

Apologies for the crappy iPhone photos. A yeti decided to steal my Canon G9 camera for the day.

Today, I realized how much I hated cleaning mesh wheels. This white beauty came rolling in early in the morning while it was still drizzling. I gave it a quick bath with the my traditional two bucket, Chemical Guy Citrus Wash and brought it inside. The paint condition of this v6 was actually pretty good. Clay bar went by smoothly as there were minimal micro-contaminates, but dealer-induced swirls were plentiful.. as this car was recently purchased. Jasper requested that I remove the dealer decal in the rear, which left a little bit of adhesive residue… nothing the clay bar couldn’t handle though. I went to my go-to Menzerna products for the correction followed by my synthetic sealant of choice; Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection.

I’m in my off-season as we’re transitioning into the Spring season and the showers are still lingering. Happy to have worked with this beauty to kick off 2011! Thanks Jasper!

As promised, Kamel returned with his beautiful Alpine White 325i project car after doing his Acura TSX. He dropped it off in the early hours – I asked him to wake me up, but I heard his blower from a block away! Thing sounds beastly! Anyways, the car was in great condition since it is his garage queen. Outside of the hood he’s got this thing is rockin’ some nice kicks; BBS LM’s! I’ve always wanted these wheels but could never afford them. This car is definitely both a look’er and a go’er! Beautifully put together!