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For those who lease vehicles and/or do not keep their cars for long, Optimum’s Glosscoat (dubbed “Glothcoat”) is a very solid entry level coating that would last 2-3 years. I personally am a fan of the product, which leaves a glossy (duh), slick, and long term protection on the vehicle. For even greater protection, top Opticoat Pro with Glosscoat!

In today is Patrick’s new used 09 ZR51 with pretty low mileage. There existed some stubborn rust blooms/rail dust on the paint which didn’t seem to want to come off during contamination; even agitated the Iron X with no success. However, it did come off with a little bit of polishing. I opted for a slightly more aggressive polish today knowing that Corvette’s clears are usually pretty hard. Scholl’s Concept S3 Gold left the finish quite shiny, and free of any of those dreaded rust/rail dust and ready for Opticoat Pro. Enjoy!