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Sometimes, you really don’t know how big a car is until you try to fit it inside your garage. I swear I was trying to drive a boat in there after the initial wash. A good third of the car was sticking out after positioning it. What I ended up having to do was to do the 2/3 that wasn’t exposed to the sunlight, flip the car around, let the car cool, and finish it. Steve contacted me weeks ago to do his Civic, but ended up picking up this challenger. It was in pretty good shape as it hasn’t even gotten a wash yet, but quick detailer was used, and it was definitely apparent in some panels. The thing with black cars is – never touch them when the paint is hot! The crystal black got contaminated, a one step finishing polish to remove much of the marring left from the QD, followed by Opticoat 2.0 for a prolonged, permanent rather, protection.