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Sorry for the delayed post – been a little busy! In this past Sunday was Mark’s new Nitrous Blue Focus RS … one of the few in the united states! Look up the specs – this golf cart is no joke for the price! Now protected with Opticoat Pro+ for many years of protection!

Got to work on this little go-kart dubbed “Fiesta ST” by Ford today. What a fun looking car to cruise around the city in, small enough to still find parking spots. Thanks for coming down all the way from the city, Steven!

Steve is back again! … almost exactly two years later for me to give his Ford Edge a nice rub me down. This time, the paint needed a little bit more work. The greater part of the day went into giving the Edge a single step polish using Sonax Perfect Finish on a LC Orange pad which finished the black down quite nicely. I went with Optiseal as a last step protectant due to the no-dust properties while providing tremendous protection – going over the horizontal surfaces twice for added protection. I think it looks quite sleek for a days’ work, what ya think?

After almost 3 months, Leo was finally able to bring his whip in from the other side of the bay area for an Opticoat 2.0 treatment. It was hard to believe that this car had under 5000 miles. The wheels were caked with break dust, and the paint was quite filthy. I spent some time under the sun today with my sonax full effect, going at it with the wheels! Followed with a full decontamination, single step polish, and topped with Opticoat 2.0. Ford’s clear coat is on the hard side, where my usually Opticoat prepper M205 didn’t even knick the finish. I continued with Adam’s Swirl and Haze remover which enhanced the paint a bit, while finishing down nicely as well. Enjoy!

Excuse the lack of before pictures. Sean dropped the car off early in the morning, and for some reason, Californias’ Mid-August weather decided to be especially gloomy. So I just went straight for the wash, and brought it in under the halogens to find an abundance of swirls. The car went through a 3 stage polish. Being a black colored car, one must progressively tone down the level of polish/pad combo in order to achieve a buffer-trail-free finish. After the 7 hours of polishing, the car was sealed with Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection.