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I really don’t remember the last time I did a silver car? In today is Gil’s new Accord purchased from Roadster. Apparently there’s a way to get a car without going to the dealership..? Brilliant! Aside from a lot of left over and stubborn adhesive from the protective film that typically come on new cars, the paint was in very good condition. The outside got the full Opticoat Pro+ treatment, and the inside with Optiguard Leather and Fabric for years and years of protection. Thanks G!

Polish game was on fleek the past two days! Eric’s S2000 CR edition has been sitting for years as he lives in another state, and was long overdue for a good polish. The goal of this detail was to restore the paint and to protect it with Opticoat Pro for many more years to come. Our schedules worked out such that he was able to leave the car with me while he was traveling, allowing me to spread the work over the course of a few days. A few sweaty t-shirts, a lot of polish, and about 15 hours later, the car is ready for Eric’s return. I’m very glad the rear spoiler and hard top were easy to remove, as it made it much much easier to polish the rest of the car.. especially the trunk being in the condition that it was.

After months of dialogue between myself and the Mr. George, the day to get his new CRZ coated finally came. George is the type to keep his cars for a very long time, and wanted a coating that will last him the life of his car. Opticoat Pro was the no-brainer answer to that one! Being so, protection was of the greatest concern, and despite having a few hiccups here and there – what looks like baked on adhesive left over from the factory protection (that of it lifted the paint up upon removal), the car was in rather good shape. George recently started using a rinseless wash system as well as the two bucket method, and I am confident that he will love the amount of time that he will save now that there is Opticoat on there.

I was a little jet lagged from the flight back from the flight back from New York last night, but I suppose it worked out since the car was already here last night. I started on the car bright as early as I couldn’t sleep any longer. Rin’s Accord lives in the outdoors all day, and was mainly interested in protecting the car for the long run. The Orchid White really shined after a one step polish!

For cars that live in the wild, exposed to environmental abuse (and physical), Opticoat Pro provides a prime solution for protecting the paint from unavoidable situations. Perry’s car lives in the outdoors, gets pooped on frequently, and is a common victim to people who park their cars like bumper cars. The car was prepped with a much needed autoscrub, primer polished and topped with Opticoat Pro.