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Not only is Opticoat great for those new cars who want to preserve that factory finish, it is also great for those who are lazy to wax their cars every odd month. It truly is a great bang for your buck if you think about it. It costs a little more, but it will last you the life of the car. Jeb’s new used car got just that today.

What are the chances of getting the same car, in very similar condition back to back!? I’ll save the rambling as I went on about holograms already in yesterdays G37. Being the same car from the same manufacture, I was pretty sure what I was up against in terms of clear coat hardness. I tackled the car using the same process – FG400 followed by M105 which corrected a good 85-90% of the defects. The car got topped with Opticoat Pro this time

Fresh paint doesn’t come too fresh from most body shops. It’s common to see holograms (Rotary induced scratches) on fresh paint jobs since most body shops go straight to cutting with a rotary, but doesn’t take the time to finish it down to allow the paint to refract light the way its suppose to. What you’re left with are buffer trails (holograms) where you can see exactly where the “detailer” went with the machine. Steven’s G37s came in today with just that – a lot of holograms, and a lot of swirls that needed a bit of attention as well. I started with a decontamination, and continued with FG400, and finished down with M105. The paint is looking fresh with about 90% correction – the clear bra was a different story though. I was afraid to go more aggressive on the clear bra as it may burn the film, so I did what I could to improve it.

The G35 is really a pleasure to work on – the lines are fluid, leaving little edges to worry about. It’s hard to believe that Edward’s G with less than 60k miles paint is already starting to fade. We had originally set up the appointment to get the car coated with Opticoat 2.0, but after polishing the G, I ended up using the Pro instead to give Ed the best protection possible to avoid any further clear coat failure from happening. Apologies for the lack of pictures – had a late start with the car, and the sun was beaming hot when I started. The paint got a decontamination and followed with a single step polish before Opticoat Pro. I started with FG400 which yielded fabulous results, but due to the heat, was caking up and was sticking to the paint – luckily I had a few more polishes available in my arsenal. I switched over to the the good ol’ old-version PO203S which yielded a similar finish, and did not leave the paint sticky.

Another case of a black car.. Rohan, a local found me on yelp and decided to swing by the other day while I was working on the 135i, penciled him in for today and here it is! It’s the first treatment the car has gotten.. swirls were abundant, I got rid of as much as I could without adding a 3rd step of polishing. The gloss is back, paint is much smoother, and water is beading like no other! It was nearly 85 degrees out today (or felt like it) and by the time I finished the polishing stage, the slings were almost baked on the car from the head, so I gave it an indoor ONR wash to rid these residues and oils to prep the car for sealant. As with most darker colored cars, I go with Optimum’s Opti-seal as it leaves very minimal residue/dusting to be removed after. The less you touch the car, the better! Happy Wednesday everyone