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For not being washed in almost a year, the car was actually cleaner than I thought.. the color of the car may have had something to do with it though. A clay bar job was much needed followed by a polish and a layer of sealant. Pictures are lacking as David came a few hours late and I wanted to finish before the sun set. David’s G35 undergone a similar treatment that I many of my jobs go through as reflected in the process below.

David decided to bring his car back to me this year for a quick all-in-one polish/seal job but I decided to follow the horizontal surfaces with an extra layer of LSP to give him more protection. Here’s his car from last year. A few scratches were taken care of if not lightened. Excuse the lack of pictures, this is the second car I did today and I guess I wasn’t being photogenic anymore.

A friend recently bought this car covered in swirls. I gave it a quick polish and layer of sealant. Nothing too crazy. Sorry for the lack of pictures! Lost the pictures on my old computer – these are from the client.