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Many new car owners are opt-ing in to get their cars Opti-coated nowadays. After a few weeks of waiting, Manny finally got his fresh off the lot Kia Optima opti-coated this fine day! Alright, no lie, I never would’ve thought a Kia could be so nice. The outside almost feels like a mash up of every car companies’ best qualities. Did that make any sense? Hmmph. Anyways, I stuck with the Optimum line of polish products as they have very little dusting. The condition was in great condition as miles were low, but the entire car got a good polish to remove any existing waxes and rid any minute defects for prep. Rail dust was apparent but a little bit of clay and Optimum NRWS took care of that. The pearl white got an opticoat 2.0 treatment while the lavish Kia interior got conditioned by Einzette & 303 products. Enjoy!