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What’s better than a fully loaded IS350 F-sport? One that is coated with CS-II Titanium for many many years of superior protection! The car came in in practically new condition, which the basic prep and application was more than adequate to making this Lexus looking real good! Up next is Richard’s wife’s Mini Cooper.

In today is Ann Marie’s new (used?) face lifted IS250 in black. While only a few months old, it seems that the paint has seen better days… until today! Unfortunately there were already some RIDS and bird poop etchings from over the past half year or so of ownership, which were too late to remove. However now with Opticoat Pro installed, her car will be protected for pretty much the life of her ownership, and perhaps for her daughter to enjoy in about 10 years as well!

Thanks for coming all the way down from Sacramento!

Pardon the excessive amount of photos.. got a little trigger happy as I haven’t done a black car in some time. There aint’ nothing like a freshly polished black car! A new aggressive F-sport RX450h at that – love the new line of Lexus’s!

Friends and family have always been super supportive of my endeavors. Alison picked up her new RX450h a little over a month ago, and while it came in quite dirty from not being washed since delivery, the paint was in great condition. Paint was primer polished, Opticoat Pro’d, and topped with Glosscoat.

The Lexus Atomic Silver reminds me of the Mercedes Palladium silver – one of my favorite “silver” colors (I’m not a fan of standard silver colors). It almost has a slight resemblence of matte grey. In today is Viet’s new IS350, who contacted me about a year ago for an install on his Accord, but went with Joe instead. I’m really diggin’ the direction that Lexus is taking their designs which caters more towards the younger generation. The body lines are becoming more aggressive, and the interior is getting some tech upgrades as well. Enjoy!