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Very few pics on this one as I had spread the work out over the course of a few days after-hours. Jeff liked the Opticoat Pro on his CLS so much that he went out to purchase another car just for me to coat it too! Just in time for Christmas!

In these past two days is Ben’s LS460, a formerly leased car, with only 30k miles on it. Ben brought the car by a few months ago for me to do a test spot on the car, and understood that while the car would never get back to its 100% shape, a dramatic improvement would be achievable. Ben is pretty religious with his car washes, as the car came in with not much more than a layer of dust. I proceeded with a waterless wash to conserve water during this California drought, followed by a decontamination. I spent 8 hours on the first day compounding, polishing, and coating the front half of the car, and finished the remainder of the car the following day; I’m glad we set aside two days for this car, ’cause it wouldn’t have been possible to do it in one. Total time spent on this car came out to about 13-14 hours. I think it shows!

In today is Nam’s IS250 who was supposed to come in a few weeks ago, but had to be rescheduled due to his work schedule. Fortunately, I was able to play some musical chairs with people and was able to swap him in with someone else. The bipolar weather decided to rain the entire day, but was clear by night (and tomorrow) for Nam to pick up the car. Opticoat Pro needs 12 hours to be water resistant and about a week to be chemically resistant. Thanks again for being so flexible!

In today is Sean’s 3 week old GS350 F sport.. what a beauty she is! I love the direction Lexus has taken their line over the past few generations; more and more aggressive. It seems they’re starting to cater the aesthetics to the younger generation. Their LS model was the flagship model years ago, and now I’m starting to see GS’s everywhere! Overall, the car was in great shape – there were a few light scratches and marring, which came right off with a little polish. The surface was then prepped with Opticoat primer and topped with Opticoat Pro. Recently, I’ve adapted to different application methods — using an airbrush. While it takes nearly twice as much product a lot of the product is lost in the air when spraying, it cuts down my application time by nearly 2 hours. It also makes application on awkward areas like the grill and corners of the wheels much easier to manage (and much more thorough as I can now spray into areas that I couldn’t reach with a pad before).

Ya’know I was a little puzzled when Ben decided to bring his new RX350 in to be coated. He is a detail-enthusiast himself, and more than capable of doing it himself. However, with a full time job, his time to allocate to detailing is quite limited. I really do stand by my work and treat every car as if it were my own, and Ben’s RX was no different. The hardest part of doing SUV’s IS the roof, and I’m really glad the RX does not have the grooves that make polishing very difficult. His RX reminded me of why I dislike doing SUV’s, but I really owe it to Ben as he referred nearly a handful of people to me, before even bringing his own car to me. I can’t thank you enough! Merry Christmas!