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Elaine originally had a 2012 RX350 on schedule, but being booked about 2 months out, she was able to trade in her ’12 for a ’13 with many more options. The car is only about a week old and had not been through any washes yet, but there was already some micromarring on the paint from who knows what. This is why I always do a single step polish at a minimum for opticoat jobs.. because as new as a car can be, there is always something that a single step polish can enhance. It also acts as an insurance that any existing protection is removed completely and allows me to spend more time inspecting each panel individually. Elaine’s new RX350 got a decon, single step polish, and topped with Opticoat Pro for longevity and superior protection. In the back you will see a Brown Model S that got dropped off ahead of schedule which I had already started on, but will finish tomorrow.

Spent the greater part of the past two days on this thrashed IS250 – which was a lease (buyover? is that a word?). Little care put into the car while it was leased and it definitely showed. There were many many many RIDS that the M105/Yellow combo couldn’t even put a dent into, but I think it’s pretty safe to say that those deeper defects are too deep to be polished out safely. I spent the first day on the decontamination process and cutting down the clear for a good 7 hours, and another 8 the following day, finishing the obsidian black, and finally coating it. For the ~15 hours spent on the car, I think it looks a LOT better than it did when it first came; too bad the sun didn’t come out until late afternoon on day 1.

It really puzzles me how a car with just over 15,000 miles could be in a condition like this one. Thinh contacted me in regards to his fairly new IS250 that had swirls – I really wasn’t expecting it to be this bad. We went with a two step polish to get a 80-90% correction, with over 12 hours spent just on polishing, and two days on the car. Opticoat Pro was the choice for protection. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Three weeks later, I was finally able to take Ductuan’s new RX350 in for an Opticoat treatment. He was able to accumulate ~1000 miles on it, and it definitely showed. We went with a single step polish to rid the majority of the defects, but keeping in mind that protection was the greatest concern. The polish was more of a prep than a step used to rid defects. Opticoat 2.0 was applied to the exterior including the wheel faces, and should surely prove to maintain the finish for years to come.

Excuse the lack of before pictures. We had a late start today on Ricky’s ES350, which came in very clean and just waxed a few weeks ago with much residue to be removed in the crevices. Unfortunately, Opticoat will not bond to anything other than a bare surface so I proceeded with a little higher ratio of of solvent to strip the wax, and followed with a single step polish to ensure that all existing protection has been removed completely. The car got a good layer of Opticoat Pro as a last step protectant (LSP).