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A favor for a good friend of mine today. Thomas is one who has been helping and teaching me pretty much everything that I know about cars. I learned how to change my own oil, install coilovers, and much knowledge of how certain mechanics of a car works. A new toy also just shipped in as well, the Rupes LHR15ES Big Foot. What better way than to test it out on his 200k+ miles Black Onyx Lexus? There was no specific goal to this detail, but a chance for me to test out certain combinations, understand the new machine, and to provide the GS with the best finish with a one step polish. Much of the swirls were removed, and the black luster was brought back to life. Finished the car right before the rain came, check out the beading from Optimum Opti-seal!

As promised, Brian’s girlfriend, Stephanie brought in her (pretty-fresh-ly) bought IS250 in for a Wash/Clay/Wax after seeing the results of Brian’s Civic Si (Click me) a few weeks ago. As a good deed to a returning client, instead of going straight to the wax step, I decided to give the whole car a full treatment of an all-in-one polish, Optimum Poliseal. Why? Well, the paint was in very good condition considering it only has 12k miles and is parked in a car port, making the clay bar step fairly quick. I quoted her a 3-4 hour time frame for me to complete the job, and if I were to finish up after claying, it would’ve only taken me 1.5 hours. Anyways, the car had very light swirls that the polish in the poliseal was able to get rid of most (very suprised), topped off with an additional coat of Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection, the car left looking wetter than the ones I see at the Lexus dealership lots! Upon pickup, I hooked Brian up with a 12 oz bottle of ONR mixed instant detailer since he wanted a a remedy to bird droppings without washing the car. Thanks again Brian & Steph! They were in and out of my place within 3 hours!

Todays car is a 2006 Lexus GS300, color code Flint Mica (Gray). This eBay marketing associate had always brought his car to the Lexus car dealerships for their complimentary lifetime free car washes. If you’re not a perfectionist, free washes are awesome! But take a look at what it’ll do to your paint. William is fortunate that Lexus’s clear coats are extremely hard and that after three years of car washes, swirls are only minimal. That doesn’t mean that it was easy to remove though! ‘Cuz it was a pain! So much work for so little return. I was also able to remove MOST of the scratches put on by his kind neighbors (door dings). The car had never received a clay bar treatment which it definitely needed. Three pieces of clay had to be used for the entire car (the surface area of the roof and hood of this car is gigantuous!). Anyways, enjoy.