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About a year’s worth of dialogue through emails, we were finally able to get Viktar’s black mazda 6 in for Opticoat Pro. Ideally, it would’ve been applied last September when he first got it, but it’s never too late! The car got a needed decon, single step polish to get it back up to that 80th percentile range and to bring that gloss back, primed with Optimum Primer, and topped with Opticoat Pro for years of lasting protection.

The Miata is one of the funnest cars I’ve ever driven. In today is Gary’s boosted Mazdaspeed MX-5 in which he just purchased a few months ago but needed some TLC. We opted for Opticoat 2.0 instead of Pro today as he only plans on keeping the car for a few years, and also due to the fact that the car does show some aging (as does the odometer). While Pro would’ve been the superior choice of long-lasting protection, 2.0 was the greater-value choice due to the age and life expectancy of the car. Nonetheless, it’ll still be one of the cleanest Miata’s on the street. The single step polish really brought the life back to the paint; may be a little hard to tell, but in addition to the swirling, the paint appeared to be quite dull and did not reflect light as well prior to polishing.

Took a few weeks to get Jonathan’s Mazdaspeed6 track car in to be prepped for sale, but finally got er’ in! Jonathan contacted me through email and brought to my attention that the car had some swirling and holograms and dropped the car off the night prior to it being worked on. I started the next morning, and what I found were many scratches, and dull paint; the clear coat has started to fail. The goal of the day was to enhance the paint to bring value back to the car prior to putting it up for sale. While I was not able to bring it down to a mirror finish, the black cherry was popping again after a two step polish and will surely add to the value of the car. Enjoy!

Quite a jump in years huh :D. I just picked this up off a few days ago for quite a good deal. Theres 170k on the odometer and it definitely shows on the outside, but the engine still runs strong and that is what matters to me. The Classic Red is a single stage paint which means it oxidizes quite easily. I didn’t go balls out on this car as it’s going to be my new daily driver, but what I did do is go through with a 1.5 step polish, just enough to rid the oxididation, and get the red to pop again. For about 4.5 hours spent, I’d say it was quite a turn around!

One of these days, I’ll polish it up some more and perhaps apply Optimum’s Permanent coating, Opticoat 2.0 so I will no longer have to worry about it oxidizing again. But this sealant should last me at least until summer! Still need to do the interior.

December 12th, 2008

1993 Mazda RX7 (Green)

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A client who came to Autopia.org looking for a detail. I figured I would help the college student out with a detail. Simple one step since he was on a budget and mainly wanted protection.