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Up next is Harry’s new ML350 straight from Euro. Harry exercises a proper wash technique; the two bucket method – it shows. The paint was in great condition! There were two notable defects, though: (1) The top of the trunk/roof area paint looks dull, (2) White stains on both sides on the black lower plastic, where the door edge meets the fender .. my guess is the grease that dealerships often put into the gutter to prevent salt intrusion when shipping overseas … The rest of the car got a polish to bring some more depth out of the paint, followed by a prep with primer, and finally Opticoat Pro.

When a cars front end is covered in bugs, I always think – either it just drove up from socal, or it hasn’t been washed in a really really long time. The front end and mirrors were soaked with tarminator to rehydrate the bugs while I prepared the wash buckets. Minor factory defects were few as expected, which came right off with hyper polish, and topped off with Opticoat 2.0 for long lasting protection.

Today I was reminded as to why I turn down so many SUV/Truck jobs. It’s not that I don’t want to do it, it’s that they are humongous and especially strenuous on the body. If Alice’s GL550 wasn’t in near-new condition, I probably would’ve just told her to bring it to someone else. I made sure that she was okay with a single step polish which should bring it to a 60-80% level (Which is right around where I guessed – it’s ~75-85% there now!). The GL550 is much bigger than I anticipated it to be – it may as well have been two cars! I was only able to do half of the car indoor (without being in the sun), flipped it around and finished the other half. Luckily for me (maybe not to others), I only have one more SUV on the calender between now and January. Alice’s new family car got a decon, single step polish, and topped with Opticoat Pro. Hopefully, the scratch resistant (not scratch-proof) characteristics of Opticoat will be a winner against the many kids who will be riding in it!

Mike is back for more! His wife’s car got a similar treatment today as his Jaguar did yesterday – decontamination, single step, topped with Opticoat Pro. Both cars were resprayed not long ago the same color, so I gave it the same treatment as I did the Jag. It’s too bad we didn’t get the opticoat on this sooner, as a few bird bombs and a few areas where heavy water spots have already etched through the paint. Similar to the Jag, the finishing polish really got the black to pop!

After weeks of waiting for an available slot to open up, John was finally able to bring his Artic White E350 in. This has been one of the cars I’ve been wanting for years. Perhaps in a few years… The car got a all-in-one (Clean, polish, seal) with Optimum’s Poli-seal. Great bang for the buck if ya ask me!