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Water spots is something that bothers most people. What happens when you have water deposits on the surface that doesn’t get removed is that the water ends up evaporating, and the minerals are left on the surface, eating away at the clear coat. If it sits for too long they become water spots ‘below the surface’ which means a heavier polish needs to be used in order to cut down the clear coat to level it off. This C280 has been getting automatic car washes for the life of its ownership, one thing that every car should not ever have to go through. The car received a one step polish, bringing back the gloss to the black finish, topped with a sealant. As this was a one step polish, the cut of the PO85RD was not aggressive enough to remove the etchings entirely. The interior got pampered with a Leatherique treatment and Einzette for conditioning, bringing back the original tan luster.

So my neighbor likes to snoop around whenever I’m outside detailing a clients car. Finally, one day he asks me to do his 2001 E430 that has gone through years of neglect. I reluctantly accepted since I was his neighbor, but I really wish I didn’t. He was not expecting a complete revival and I was not up for tackling that task since he was not willing to pay for the time since he did not plan on keeping the car for much longer. The would-have-been 20+ hour job turned into a 3 hour all-in-one polish/seal job. It was not a typical job that I’d like to do but he was happy.