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It’s kind of nice seeing a Mini that is not red around here. In today is Adam’s new JCW coop. He’s had a few cars in Australia coated in the past, so he is familiar with how well it performs. We went with the hole shebang today; paint, trims, lights, chrome, wheel faces, leathers, carpets. Thanks Adam!

We offered Richard a bit of discount to work on both of his family cars this weekend. In today is his wife’s Mini Cooper; a few months old, but the paint needed a bit of work. There were water spots everywhere; which luckily came off with a bit more aggressive polish, which the paint needed anyway. The black panels had seen better days in the past 6 months, but I bet now it’s looking even better than it did 6 months ago when they first got the car! I’m really really liking this CS-II Titanium coating!

Just a little over a month and Isabella brought the Mini Cooper back. I didn’t screw up! No worries. Her neighbor at work decided it would be a good idea to do some painting outdoors on a windy day, leaving white paint over the left side of this Cooper. I’m glad she came to me so fast, since the paint didn’t really have a chance to bake in the sun. The good ole’ clay was all it needed to get the overspray off. But with the Mini’s soft clear, the clay left marring on the paint. I had to follow it with a finishing polish to rid of this, and topped the paint off with an all natural Brazilian wax.

Isabella’s brand new CooperS came with what we call holograms… or buffer trails right off the lot. Seems to be a common problem for a lot of “new” cars as well as cars that has just been painted at body shops since the trails can only be seen in the sun. I started with Meguiars M205 to remedy this problem, but it was dusting quite a bit, so I switched over to Menzernas PO85RD after the first panel. The entire car was then topped with Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection as a LSP. I’m really digg’n this car.