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Ya’know I was actually never a fan of the way the Nissan Leaf looked – but it’s actually a very practical commuters car. The all-electric car allows you to ride the HOV lane by yourself, while having the capacity to travel ~80 miles round trip on a full charge. The cabin is spacious and being a hatchback, you can fit quite a bit inside with little effort. Shoot.. I might as well be a salesperson. Yi’s commuter got the Opticoat 2.0 treatment today. It had a much needed decontamination – I’m not sure where he picked up all the tar, but it’s looking right again! The car got an autoscrub, single step polish using M205, and topped with Opticoat 2.0 for longevity (and probably the best protection out currently)

What’s going on here? The majority of the cars coming in lately still has their dealership tags on! Word of mouth must gotten to them that I apply opti-coat 2.0 here in the bay area! 🙂 With less than 1000 miles on this Altima, it got a full decontamination and single step of polish to prep for optimum opti-coat 2.0. The rear license plate foam vibration dampener’s were removed, leaving much residue to be removed. A little Stoner’s tarminator and elbow grease and dampen-no-more! I’m exhausted, but here’s the pictures!

Ever seen a car that changes color? This nissan does! Pardon me on the lack of pictures, I’m leaving the states tonight for a few weeks and I still need to pack HAHA. The fresh off the lot (used) Nissan 370z got a two step polish followed by a coat of Optimum’s opti-seal to last several months. Rock chips were touched up by Alex’s touch up paint pen and a fine tip paint brush. Ya’know.. I originally wanted to be an architect, till I realized I’m quite artistically inclined. Filling in a few chips though, that I can do. See ya in a few weeks, friends!

Two jobs today. Mr. Chiaki went with the yelp deal that I have listed, with the addition of a clay bar treatment (much needed). I went with a medium grade clay since the paint was heavily contaminated, followed by Optimum Poli-seal (All in one, mild polish/cleaner/protection), topped with Menzernas Sealing Wax since I feel that poli-seal doesn’t give the slickness that I’m happy with. I touched up the headlights a little bit but nothing too crazy for free as Mr. Chiaki also brought his wifes CooperS in the same morning.


This is probably one of the newest, yet the worsest (for the lack of a better word to describe the car) maintained car I’ve touched. The car being silver made taking pictures of the defects difficult, but they are there! A proper clay-bar treatment was definitely needed since it felt as if I was playing in the sand when touching the paint. Tree sap and etched in bird poop throughout the car. It was probably months since this car has been washed – heck not even a auto-drive thru car wash that detailers hate so much!