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Love love LOVE how the new Macan’s look; inside and out! This Dark Blue Metallic on red interior with carbon fiber trims is one of the best color combinations I’ve seen.. ever! Paired with Opticoat Pro Plus, Elaine’s new family car is now one of the shiniest and well protected Macan’s on the road!

It’s always a blast to work on new cars that you haven’t gotten to work on before. Frank’s new Macan Turbo sounds as beastly as it looks, and now that look will be preserved for many more years to come. I absolutely love love love the interior!

With all these black cars lined up, summer must be around the corner! I worked on Eugene’s Model S a few months ago. He liked the Opticoat Pro so much that he decided to get his other baby coated as well! This car needed much more prep work, and a lot more polishing prior to coating. I think it came out pretty dang good..

This detail was actually from last month, but since I’m starting to age and can become absent minded at times, I forgot my camera at my apartment in Sacramento. Ravi was nice enough to loan me his though! Capturing pictures was difficult as I wasn’t familiar with how to use a DSLR properly. There is no ‘noob’ MACRO button HAHA! Anyways, its too bad we didn’t get to see this car before the part out began, but nonetheless, this thing is still quite a beauty. This red beauty was custom painted Porsche’s Guard Red. Jawdropping! The clear coat was similar to that of Audi’s, stubborn. I had to opt for a more aggressive pairing for the polishing step, and with the color being a bright red, marring and holograms showed even if you wiped it wrong… so I had to follow it with the finiest finishing polish. After that, of course, I top it off with my go-to Four Star ultimate Paint Protection.