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Trying something new today… that is CS-II Titanium Coating on my girlfriends new Outback. Let me say that the gloss as part of the result of this new coating is unreal! We will slowly begin offering this new coating to the market as alternative options. Also available is CS-II Ceramic, which would be more comparable to OCP/OCP+. We’ve still some testing to do, but our experiences thus far with this company and products have been nothing but superior. Stay tuned…! You may be seeing more and more of this coating in the near future!

Haven’t done a subbie in a while..! Forgot how soft and forgiving their paint is. The car had a bit of minor swirling going on, but nothing a bit of primer polish on an orange pad couldn’t fix. Thanks for the referral Ben!

September 20th, 2015

2015 Subaru WRX (Rally Blue)

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With the whole new long-lasting coating thing, rarely do I get return supporters. But every one in a blue moon, someone will purchase a new car and would have grown to love having a coated car so much that they’ll want their new ride coated ASAP. In today is Ronald’s new limited edition WRX in Rally Blue, with only a few thousand miles – looking glossy!

Friends and family have always been the greatest supporter of this hobby – in today is Erick’s new WRX which had its fair share of water spots, but in otherwise great condition. OCP was applied for many years of protection.

It’s always nice to see girls driving manual transmissions, let alone one who cares for her car! Kait’s ~year old BRZ had a few scratches here or there, and some holograms from the new-car delivery detail, but otherwise a good candidate for the Opticoat Pro treatment. In the interest of the vehicle’s well-being, I decided to top the OCP with glosscoat for even superior shine and protection. Thanks K!