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October 28th, 2017

2017 Tesla Model S (White)

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From an oldie Nissan Altima to a brand new Tesla Model S! Talk about a dream. I want one.

In today is Rex’s new Model S — this ride gets parked outdoors all the time, so we opted for the longest term, and nearly permanent, protection — Opticoat Pro+. There were already a few scratches and dings on the car, but the goal today was to protect the car for the life of the car, since Rex keeps his cars for a very long time.

As much as I would love to have a black car, realistically I can never own one since I’d literally go insane trying to maintain it. I don’t know how some of you guys’ do it! In today is Paul’s new Model S, looking really good with that Opticoat Pro! Paul’s no amateur to owning a black car, and having Opticoat Pro applied to his newly delivered Opticoat Pro should surely make the maintenance of this ride easier in the long haul.

With each facelift, TESLA has been making the Model S more and more sleek-looking. In the latest edition, the panoramic moonroof is now an full-glass roof that ties in seamlessly with all adjacent panels. This makes it less distracting to the eyes, and also helps for maintenance, as the horizontal surfaces are typically the surfaces that gets the most contaminants. Now there is one less surface to really worry about, since glass is easy to maintain. Congrats on the upgrade, J!

Back again today is Arpan’s white Model S, who was unfortunate to be involved in an accident a few months back. But the good news is that the car kept him safe!

February 12th, 2017

2017 Tesla Model X (Blue)

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Pardon the delayed post; seems Wordpress has been getting hacked lately, and so I had to do some behind the scene security updates. In this past week was Ankur’s new Model X, which unfortunately been rear ended weeks before our appointment. We decided to go ahead and coat the front 2/3 of the car and the inside before more risk is incurred, and for the rear end to get coated after the body shop finishes the work.

Overall, the car was in fair condition, and there were already some unfixable defects by means of polishing from who knows where; few door dings; rockers chipped from what seems like off-roading. Otherwise, the paint was brought back to it’s 90%+ presentable condition prior coating with Opticoat Pro+. Interior got the Optiguard leather + Fabric treatment as well.