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It’s always a pleasure working with owners who are willing to leave their cars for a while. It worked out quite well as Tom was leaving for a week or so, allowing me to work on the car a few hours a day, and while also allowing 2-3 days for Opticoat Pro to cure. No before pictures as the car came straight from the Tesla factory with very very few miles.

Black looks best when its freshly detailed and/or washed! … it’s too bad that fresh look typically only lasts 1-3 days. Fortunately, Opticoat Pro will make Jason’s maintenance washes easier, quicker, and safer! The car came in covered in water spots and paint was in fairly rough condition. It was originally supposed to be just a primer polish and application, but I was unhappy with how that finished down, so I stepped it up a bit with a compound before prepping for Opticoat Pro. ‘ts lookin much better now!

It’s always great to work with people who has extensive knowledge of car care. I’m sure Geoff was more than capable of applying a coating himself, but he still brought it to me! Despite being right in the middle of a storm, the weather somehow cooperated and was dry upon drop off and pick up. Now shes’ all ready for the second wave of rain that should hit tomorrow!

After nearly a year of back and forth emails, we were finally able to get Craig’s Model S in for a good layer of Opticoat Pro. The car had been in an accident before and gotten a respray along the driver side. The paint felt a little rough, but nothing a decon couldn’t take care of. A single step polish was enough to get the car to 80%+ shape and prepped for coating.

You know that stage in life called self-actualization? I really think that the P85D really speeds up the process of reaching that stage in life. Today, I realized why P85D owners always have a huge smile on their face. William was nice enough to take me around on “insane” mode (It’s a real switch)… I’ve always been a believer, and wanted a Model S one day as well, but that ride was all it took to give me the self-realization of actually NEEDING one in my life. I may not quite have yet reached the self-actualization stage, but close enough. I want one.

OH. The car. I like how this website is sort of my blog, and also does a double duty of acting as advertisement too. Will sent me an email saying “I want what that P85D got”, or something along those lines, and so that’s what he got. Talk about a successful marketing! I don’t even have to sell it, they already know what they want! Oh what was I on? Oh the car. Aside from some overspray from who knows where, the paint was in great shape and needed nothing more than a primer polish to bring out the gloss prior to coating.