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January 21st, 2017

2017 Tesla Model X (Blue)

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It seems that may be Tesla has finally worked out the kinks with the Model X. The past few X’s that I’ve worked on anyway, all had issues with their doors. I originally coated Sujay’s Model S in 2015, which he says is still holding up great. In today is Sujay’s wifes Model X, this time for Opticoat Pro+. Thanks for coming back to me!

November 19th, 2016

2016 Tesla Model S (Blue)

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It’s amazing how quickly contaminates bake onto unprotected surfaces. In today is Abhijit’s month old Model S which hasn’t been washed since delivery. Though the paint was in great condition as it’s never been washed prior, there was a bit of contaminants on the surface that required a good decontamination before any presswork began. It’s looking real proper now, though!

You know what they say… Black looks best! In today is Wez’s new 90D, which hasn’t been washed since he bought it nearly half a year ago. The surface had some contaminants which was taken care of with CarPro’s new Polyshave pad. Clay pads work great particularly when you’re going to polish the car anyway.. def a huge time saver! Opticoat Pro+ was applied on all exterior painted surfaces and chrome ; which when it comes to the facelift Model S ; is practically the entire car.

October 30th, 2016

2016 Tesla Model S (Red)

No Comments, Detailing Samples, by Johnny.

Nothin’ like a freshly polished red Model S…! 8 more to go and I’ll break 100 Tesla’s to have crossed paths with me! In today is Yang’s tail end of 2015, pre-facelift Model S ; which to be honest, I like the way these older front ends look more. Since his car lives in the outdoors 99% of the time, we opted to go with the superior option of Opticoat Pro+ for the added gloss and protection.

Rarely do you see return customers when doing coatings… until they purchase new cars! This is Subu’s third car that I’ve done now, this time his wife’s new Model S. Since the car sees the outdoors more often and (may not) get washed as religiously as his own car, we opted for the Pro+ for this one. There were a few trouble spots from the dealer prep, which got addressed individually prior prep for coating.