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If I haven’t said it before, the Model S’s are a pleasure to work on as there are very minimal contour lines, leaving little machine switching during the polishing stage. Sathya brought his few weeks old Model S in for the Opticoat Pro treatment and a rear emblem debadge. Overall, the car was in great condition aside from some marring which polished right out. Quite an upgrade from a late 90’s Camry! Opticoat should surely provide his new Tesla with superior protection.

For a while I thought the white Tesla Model S’s were the best color available… until Charlie brought his Sunset Red in for an Opticoat Pro treatment! Charlie’s Tesla got a full decontamination, followed by a single step polish using Sonax Perfect Finish which just shipped in last night, and finally topped off with Opticoat Pro. While the polish didn’t seem like it did much under the lights, it really made that deep red glow once it was all said and done! By giving the car a good polish, it gives me a better opportunity to spot any defects that may need more attention, as well as having the added insurance that every panel is free of any existing protection. It’s all in the prep; Opticoat will not bond to anything other than a bare surface!

If I haven’t said it enough – I’m in love with this car. With the recent news of TESLA making its way over to China, and the release of the TESLA motorless-cycle, I’m quite excited for the company and can’t wait to see what is in store next. I got to work on John’s #9xx Signature series today – for a while I thought the Signature series was like of like the ///M package for BMW’s, but the first 1000 Model S’s came with the “signature” – I’d take that! John’s Model S lives in the outdoors, so protection from everyday elements were the greatest concern. The car got a full decontamination with TRIX to take care of all that tar kickup and sap, autoscrubbed to get the paint smooth, finished down with M205 and topped with Opticoat Pro.

With TESLA motors right down the street, I see these Model S’s almost on the daily. Today, I got up close and personal with Donald’s Model S, giving it a single step finishing polish and finally coated with Opticoat Pro. Donald has taken meticulous care of the car, and even though he just drove up from Socal, there wasn’t much more than the expected bug splatter on the front end. The Model S is fun and easy car to work with as the lines are slick and smooth, leaving little edges to have to worry about when polishing. I love how how simple and clean the car looks. The R&D Tesla put into this car is above and beyond what I expected. Just. Beautiful.