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…really diggin’ the new grey more than the predecessors. In today is Mike’s week old Model S that already racked up 700 miles. Aside from a little bit of marring from some wandering hands here and there, the paint was virtually flawless. Now with Opticoat Pro, the brilliant shine should stay that way for many years to come.

Is it me or does it seem like most of the Model S colors changed a bit (brighter)? In today is Anna’s new Multicoat red Model S, which is only a few weeks old. It got a the royal treatment with Opticoat Pro+!

Gotta love those who plan ahead and schedule their vehicles to be dropped off soon after delivery. In today is Brett’s day old Model S in grey with pano roof.. no before pictures as the car was pretty dang fresh, ’twas overcast out in the morning, and defects were few. Regardless, a primer polish is done to remove any minor imperfections and to really bring out the gloss prior to coating. Thanks for the referral Will!

It’s always nice to have the opportunity to work on cars straight from the factory, as defects are typically most minimal at that time. In today is Anil’s new toy, the grey P85D Model S. The overall condition was near perfect, aside from a small little spot above the rear emblem – not sure what happened there.

Is it just me, or did Tesla change their grey’s again? It went from the original Dolphin grey, to something that was lighter, and back to Dolphin grey. This one seems somewhere in between, but I’m not quite sure if it’s just my vision getting worse with age. Anyways, car was fairly new with minimal defects. Went with the usual new car prep. Lookin’ sparkly!