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Daniel is back for some more Opti! After doing his M3 a few months ago, his new baby was born, and so it called for a new baby-mobile. In today is their new Highlander family car. Loving the lines of the new Toyota line!

Orange-tober just got carried over to Mo-vember! In today is Janina’s few-month old Prius C in spicy habanero orange. She is the type to keep her cars for a a very long time, and was looking for a proven protectant that’ll last her many many years to come. Opticoat Pro was the the no-brainer choice, and will surely be a winner in the long run.

January 15th, 2014

2013 Toyota Prius (Black)

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You scratch my back, I scratch your back. It’s always nice to have friends in the automotive industry to trade services with. Jerry is a good friend of mine since high school who’s been working for Honda as a Master Tech for a while. He helped service my car months ago and it was only right to give his new Prius the type of quality service he gave my car. His (wife’s) Prius serves as a daily commuter that spends many hours baking in the sun. Instead of the regular sealant I originally promised him, I decided to give it an Opticoat 2.0 treatment for an even longer lasting protection. The paint was prepped with hyper polish to get it back to that near-new state prior to coating. Not bad for free.99 on his end!

Double trouble today! I don’t remember the last time I did two cars in a day… I’m am exhausted, mostly physically. Gonna keep it short for this one. One step polish followed by Opticoat 2.0. The rear bumper scrape was lightened up a little bit with a lil more aggressive polishing with M105. Not too many pics as I didn’t start this car until 3:30!

Well you don’t see these everyday…! Especially in this kind of condition. It’s funny because my first car was a 1987 …. it died back around 2003 haha.

It’s pretty common for new cars to get their cars opticoated as it’s pretty much permanent. (Personal theory) It’s even more beneficial for single stage painted cars (common in the early 90’s, late 80’s) to get a solid layer of opticoat on as oxidation occurs much easier in SS paint. The entire car got nanoscrubbed, polished, followed by Opticoat. The rubber mud guards were restored using a heat gun, and other black trims’ luster were brought back to life using Black WOW.