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It’s always good to stay ahead of technology, and it’s even funner when you have new toys to play with. My new Rupes LHR21ES MarkII just shipped in the other day, and while not much has changed ergonomically, it now runs much more efficiently and is more powerful, allowing one to polish much more efficiently and for the power to be there when you need it. In today is Philie’s new daily; a 2016 GTI in carbon steel metallic, which I must say looks quite spectacular in the sun.. especially with Opticoat Pro+.

Coming down all the way from Sacramento today is one of my old college friends, Blake, who purchased his Jetta a little over a year ago. Friends and family have always been my greatest supporters, and Blake is surely one of them. Happy to see that you’re doing well!

In today is another one of Volkswagen’s flagship models, the GTI. Always a pleasure to work on these little things as the body lines are fluid and easy to polish. Rich’s GTI is now protected for many many many years to come!

I was wondering when I was going to see a modded Golf R! Keane finally was able to bring his VW in after almost a month of waiting. The car really doesn’t need much other than some coil-overs to get the car looking proper. The car came in quite dirty, particularly the wheels which face’s ending up getting the Opticoat Pro treatment as well as the car. I want one of these .. one day!

Brand new pick up from Alex & Fay today; A Golf R in rising blue. I didn’t take many before pictures as the car only has 200 miles on it and was in fabulous condition on it. I went forward with a decontamination and a single step polish prior to topping it with Opticoat Pro. While a polish may not have really been necessary with this car, I really am against taking short cuts. Opticoat requires a bare, clean surface to bond to, and any oils/protection that is on the surface will inhibit its bonding abilities. By going over with a finishing polish, I get to get a closer look at each and every panel to ensure there are no serious defects that need attention, while burning off any existing protection that may have remained after the initial strip-wash. Here’s A&F’s Golf R! Stay tuned for their new Prius coming soon!