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Today’s car was one of those you’d really like to see more of on the street. Denise finally got to bring her new Golf R in today for the Opticoat Pro treatment. Overall, she has kept the car in great shape aside from a few minor scratches that were removed (and a few that were just lightened). However, she parks under trees all day, and the car was covered in micro contaminates.. I’ve don’t believe I’ve ever spent so much time removing them – thank you technology for the new Autoscrub system. Clay’ing would’ve easily taken 3+ hours! Enjoy!

A brand new Tornado red GTI today with less than 200 miles today! While I could’ve simply removed the existing protection and applied Opticoat Pro (Optiguard), I like to give cars a finishing polish at the minimum to jewel the finish. If you take a look at the 50/50 pic of the hood, while it seems like it didn’t do much, the reflection of my LED bulb is less “washed out” on the polished side (left). It allows light to reflect a little better, giving it a deeper, richer look.

A quick 3 hour bang for the buck today. The goal was to increase the value of the car before it hits the market to be sold. The car was in pretty bad shape – paint overspray baked on everywhere, tree sap, scratches, no apparent LSP as the water just stood still during the wash. The entire car got a Autoscrub by Nanoskin, Tar-X took care of the tree sap, and the entire car got a single stage polish and topped with Menzerna’s Sealing Wax. It’s not the ~90% correctional work I’m use to, but for 3 hours, life was brought back to this car. The original Indigo Blue Pearl shined like never before. Enjoy. OH! Who has recommendation on affordable lens for a Canon DSLR? I think I need something 15-30mm range, but they all seem to cost more than my left lung..

*ps: excuse the crappy pictures, still learning low-light photography 🙂

Rain or shine! Brand new 2013 Golf R (Former VW “R” series) today in its signature Rising Blue color. Under 500 miles and 3 weeks of ownership, this VDub still had a few protective plastics on it, and much adhesive residue to be removed (especially on the windshield.. inside and out). Some CarPro Tar-X and elbow grease and that was that. The entire exterior got a iron and micro-contaminant decontamination, single stage followed by Optimum Opticoat 2.0. The wheels were removed to access both the 365mm big brake kit, having a coat of Opticoat applied to both the BBK as well as the inner barrels of the wheels. The job dragged on into the night and finishing touches were applied in the morning prior to pickup. No sunshine was present throughout the process until Bahn came to pick up the car, when we finally got to fully enjoy the gloss the car deserves.


Took a while to figure out a time that worked for the both of us, but I got Gungun’s beatle in Thursday night just before she went to give her volunteer services (kudos!). Exterior had a much needed wash, but the main work was all on the inside. Bits and pieces of scraps, crumbs, monkeys, and dust were everywhere. Luckily the car is a convertible ‘cuz I would’ve suffocated from being inside there for so long! Enjoy!