Thanks for doing a great job on the RX!  I have to tell you I have a hard time trusting anyone to handle my cars other than myself. But after seeing all the glowing reviews, pictures on your site, and results first hand from friends cars, I was finally convinced enough to let you handle the job. And the results were able to meet my very high bar confirming that you do exceptional work. Thank you!

December 24, 2013 – 2014 Lexus RX350 (Starfire Pearl)

-Ben Wang


Been hearing good things about OptiCoat products and my friend mentioned that he had his done here.  Spoke with Johnny who answered all my questions and concerns regarding OptiCoat and what to expect/not expect.  After talking in detail with him, I decided to book an appointment.  Because of my schedule, the soonest I could book was a month out.  Johnny does 1 car a day, and after getting mine back, I can see why.  His attention and pride shows in the quality and detail of his work . I couldn’t believe the amount of swirls that my car had already picked up.  The Piano Black finish and my rear lights were probably the worst.  Johnny took them all out and then proceeded to apply the OptiCoat which should help prevent future swirls.

I highly recommend taking your car here if you’re looking for an awesome detail and looking into the possibility of having your car OptiCoated.  His pricing is very competitive and the quality and care he puts into every car shows.

June 22, 2013 – 2013 Volkswagen Golf R (Rising Blue)

-Keane T.


“Why choose Distinctiv Detailing?

If you’re that car owner who wakes up early to wash your car and spend the entire day detailing your car. Johnny is that guy, Johnny is the weekend detailer gone pro. He will treat your car like it is his.

Being a car enthusiast and weekend detailer myself I knew what I wanted. I wanted a detailer who used proper detailing technique and used products that I myself knew and trusted.

Most detailers out there provide you with a generic process and generic products. Unlike other detailers who just run over your paint with a buffer just to say they did it, Johnny actually knows the paint and how to get your paint looking it’s best.

Johnny process starts off right with a soft sheepskin wool mit and bucket with grit guard to wash your car. Your car even gets a foam bath with his pressure washer. Then Johnny uses a unique specific polishing process  for your car with polishes like Merzernas to get swirls and light scratches our of your paint. And finally a high quality sealant like Four Star or high quality wax like DoDo Juice Supernatural is applied to give your paint that deep gloss and wet look.

I drove an 1 hour and 30 mins, just to get my car detailed by Johnny. Hard to find good honest detailers like Johnny today. And best of all he is AFFORDABLE! Go with Distinctiv Detailing, you won’t regret it.”

September 17, 2011 – 2007 Honda Civic Si (Nighthawk Black Pearl)

-Eric T


“My car was the victim of paint overspray from some building painters. Because the painters were to pay for the cleanup, I had to get a couple of paper or email quotes from local detailers. I called/visited a handful of placesand really disappointed with the customer service of many of them. One seemed shady while another chose not to respond at all. Why would I want to trust my car with some of these characters?

On the opposite end of the range was Johnny. I called him to discuss my problem and felt like he was an honest, straight-forward guy. He explained my options and was very prompt in sending me a detailed written quote.

I’m always hesitant in trusting my car with just anyone. I tend to watch while my car is being worked on, if possible. Talking with Johnny and reviewing his previous work on his website make me confident enough to leave my car with him. I liked how he outlined his detailing procedures and listed the pro-quality products used. There was no question as to how my car would be treated. I left my car with him for the day and felt like it was in good hands. He even gave me a ride home so I wouldn’t have to find my own way back!

Johnny didn’t let me down! He did a great job removing the overspray and basically restored the appearance of my car. He even removed some overspray I hadn’t noticed on the wheels too!

You can do what I did and research all the local competitors or you can benefit from my experience, save time and just call Distinctiv. Just an honest guy doing a great job for a competitive price.”

June 29, 2011 – 2001 Audi A4 Hibiscus Pearl Effect

-Arnold Delmundo


“Distinctiv Detailing, by Johnny W.  Definitely a detailing service by a car enthusiast for car enthusiasts.  I’d encourage folks who are very particular about their cars to check out Johnny’s work, as it speaks for itself.  It’s all on his website in thorough detail.

Looks like I’m the first reviewer, so I’ll add some extra detail that folks might find helpful or interesting.

Found via: Car forums.  Johnny’s a TSX guy, and I understand he got his start by working obsessively on his and other forum guys’ Acuras.  He soon moved on to other enthusiast crowds, including the 8thcivic si guys.  That’s actually how I learned about his services- he did some very impressive recovery work for my former car, a 2008 nighthawk black pearl fg2 si.  My girlfriend also brought her lexus is250 here shortly after.  Next up will be my Nissan 370z this summer.

Detail details:  I had Johnny do a 15 step detail for my si, which took the better part of a day.  I won’t repeat the step-by-step details, as they can be found in the write-up Johnny does for each of his customers (with high-res pix).  I will say that he was able to remove some relatively major scratches, and got rid of all the swirling.  Impeccable work.  Also, one of the perks of Johnny’s detail service is that he does a write-up of each project, complete with photo gallery.

About the Detailer:  Honest guy, detail-oriented, and a true car fan.  I left my car with him, and he garaged my car overnight, gave me a ride to where I needed to meet the g-fry, and was happy to answer my questions and walk me through the details.  On a personal note, I know Johnny frequently fundraises for the American Cancer Society, and he’s donated proceeds from his past work to the ACS.  Class act.

Appreciate the hard work, man!”

Jul 24 2010 – 2008 Honda Civic Si (Nighthawk Black Pearl)

Brian Wong


“Great diggity job J Wong! You actually made all my swirls disappear! Car looks like it’s freakin brand new from the dealership. Thanks again for trying to revive my window visors, they look so much better now.
Black is a very hard color to keep clean. The process and techniques you use definately make black cars stand out! Right when I got onto Warm Springs, ppl were neck breakin. Thanks again!”

Jul 9, 2010 – 2005 Acura TSX (Nighthawk Black Pearl)

Sherman Ng


“I found/met Johnny aka Wong05tsx through a car forum. He quoted me a very reasonable price and took him up on the offer. Johnny was very polite and professional. He offered to drop me off somewhere if I didn’t feel like waiting in his garage, but I decided to stick around and chitchat with Johnny and browse the internet on my laptop.

Johnny was knowledgable in the products he uses. None of that off the shelf from Pepboys stuff, but the professional products and machinery any professional place would use.

Although my car was in pretty good condition, Johnny was very detailed in making sure my car came out looking like it came fresh off the car lot. He washed it, clay bar, polished, waxed, etc…The whole process took up to 5 hours.

I am very impressed by Johnny’s work and came home a satisfied customer. I would recommend Johnny to anyone. Save yourself a few hundreds by going into a professional shop and just bring your vehicle to Johnny’s garage.”

June 18, 2010 – 2006 Acura TSX (Carbon Grey Pearl)

Chris N.